The University of Arizona

UA to Join 'A-Team' in Search for Earthlike Planets

UANews | April 20, 2015
A team created by a new NASA initiative hopes to better understand the various components of exoplanets — planets around other stars — as well as how the parent stars and neighbor planets interact to support life.

UA ROTC: Behind the Uniform

UANews | April 17, 2015
The program includes a diverse population of students from different backgrounds, but the call to serve and a devotion to country are common.

Students to 'Study Abroad' in U.S.

UANews | April 17, 2015
UA students can enroll in an independent-studies course and take a tour of the South, visiting historical sites and completing class assignments while documenting their experience.

UA Bolsters Opportunities for Online Students

UANews | April 15, 2015
As part of the recently launched UA Online, a General Education Academy will deliver fully online composition courses, as well as other core courses such as second-language training for students who require it.

Students Urged to Bring Politics to Table

UANews | April 15, 2015
Politics have become a taboo topic for many. Documentary filmmaker Julie Winokur hopes to change that with her film and community engagement campaign "Bring It to the Table," which she brought to the UA.

Old Main's Douglas Fir Gets New Life

UANews | April 13, 2015
A group of UA School of Architecture students was presented with a unique challenge: Repurpose the salvaged wood that made up Old Main's veranda for more than 120 years.