The University of Arizona

New App Lets Med Students Study Real Human Heart on iPad

UANews | March 6, 2013
A new app allows UA medical students to interact with a real human heart on their iPads. The Heart Anatomy Explorer I app, developed at the University, uses images of a real human heart to teach students about the organ's structures. College of Medicine faculty members plan to expand the app to include more organs in the future.

UA Undergraduate Inspires Organization Training Dogs for Vets

UANews | February 27, 2013
While in high school, Rhiannon Miller, a UA psychology major, had the idea to train Borzois to serve as psychiatric service dogs for veterans, which led to the establishment of Operation Wolfhound. To date, more than 60 dogs have been placed with veterans across the nation – in New York, Georgia and along the West Coast as well as in Canada and England.

Reconnecting Politics, Economics and Social Justice

UANews | February 21, 2013
In the UA’s highly competitive Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law program, students are learning the foundational aspects of issues related to Constitutional law, economic welfare, social justice and other topics. Faculty members intend for students to have a deeper understanding of economic systems and political issues.

eSociety Program to Teach Social Aspects of Digital Age

UANews | February 19, 2013
With an eye on trends in digital communications, the UA's new eSociety program will train students in the social influence of an Internet-based society. In addition to expertise in social media use, data gathering, analysis and computing, the program is designed to equip students with the critical skills necessary to live and work in a digitally mediated world.

The Universe in the Middle of Nowhere

UANews | February 15, 2013
The UA's Chris Impey has taught cosmology to Tibetan Buddhist monastics in remote parts of India each summer for the past five years. With a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, Impey, a Distinguished Professor and deputy head of the department of astronomy, detailed his experiences in a book, "Humble Before the Void," which likely will publish in 2014.

The Convergence of Fantasy and Love

UANews | February 1, 2013
UA acting students are presenting John Kolvenbach's "Love Song," a comedic play with dramatic undertones that considers themes around heedless love, happiness and interpersonal connections - just in time for Valentine's Day. The show premieres Feb. 3 and officially opens Feb. 6.