The University of Arizona

Books for Anfoega

UANews | January 3, 2008
Now that the students have the books, they'll go after the funds they need to send them to a village library in Africa.

UA Libraries Buys 'Major' Collection from Mexico

UANews | January 2, 2008
Some of the items in the newly acquired “Biblioteca Morales de Escárcega” collection predate Arizona earning its statehood.

Native American Students Organize

UANews | December 21, 2007
UA journalism students have formed the second national chapter of the Native American Journalists Association. 

Mexican-American Students Center of Research Initiative

UANews | December 21, 2007
The group has published aritcles, written books, presented at conferences and has connected with local schools and families.

Hopi’s “Noah Webster” Dies

UANews | December 20, 2007
UA anthropologist Emory Sekaquaptewa spent a lifetime working to save his native culture and language from extinction, a passion he pursued to the end. 

Phoenix Medical School Students Giving Back to Community

UANews | December 19, 2007

First-year medical students in Phoenix already are providing a much-needed community service by working at a downtown clinic.