The University of Arizona

'Best' International Books Make National Debut at the UA

UANews | October 24, 2007

A teaching and research library in the College of Education is promoting the reading of international children's literature in the United States.

Program Seeks Rare American Indian and Indigenous Books

UANews | October 23, 2007
The effort aims to improve intercultural understanding through the use of children's books.

Collecting $1 Million in Five Years for Law Students

UANews | October 22, 2007

The College of Law has launched a scholarship fundraising campaign and an alumni network to help students during and after their time at the UA.

UA Law Students Win Superior Court Case

UANews | October 19, 2007
One law school faculty member supervised two of his students to win a recent felony trial case.

Technology-Driven Program for Librarians Responding to Need

UANews | October 17, 2007
The School of Information Resources and Library Science's new DigIn program gives librarians necessary skills in technology. 

Credit Now Offered to Students Teaching Campus About Intolerance Through Tunnel Event

UANews | October 16, 2007

The student-run Tunnel of Oppresion has been held annually since 1997.