The University of Arizona

Phoenix Medical School Students Giving Back to Community

UANews | December 19, 2007

First-year medical students in Phoenix already are providing a much-needed community service by working at a downtown clinic.

Psychology Department Wraps Up Remarkable Semester of Achievement

UANews | December 18, 2007
Students are the beneficiaries of a faculty enjoying an accelerated curve of achievement and recognition.

The Conversation That Cannot Wait

UANews | December 18, 2007

One UA law professor suggests that families take time this holiday season to talk about end-of-life decisions.

UA Journalism Prof Collecting Year-end Kudos for Book

UANews | December 14, 2007
Alan Weisman's "The World Without Us" continues to attract attention from readers and critics alike.

SALT Center Focus: Learning-Disabled K-12 Students

UANews | December 14, 2007
The new SALT Center project will help  high school students who have learning disabilites and are at risk.

UA Graduate Committed to Giving Back to Tribe

UANews | December 13, 2007

Philip Stevens hopes to use his education to benefit children from his tribe.