The University of Arizona

Remembering Rafe: From Tide Pools to the Stars

UANews | June 3, 2015
With the tragic death of Raphael "Rafe" Sagarin, the UA community has lost a marine scientist whose boundless enthusiasm, sharp intellect and caring attitude inspired others.

UA Preparing for Changes to Braille System

UANews | June 2, 2015
Unified English Braille soon will be the accepted code for braille across the nation. At the UA, College of Education faculty members have been preparing future teachers for changes, while also working to educate the community about what the changes mean.

UA Doctoral Student Bound for Nepal This Week

UANews | June 2, 2015
A native of the earthquake-torn country, Bhuwan Thapa has a keen interest in relief efforts and in helping with farming issues that threaten water and food security.

Ten Graduate Fellows Are Selected by UA Confluencenter

UANews | May 26, 2015
The UA Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, working to advance the next generation of thinkers and researchers, has named a new group to be funded during 2015-2016.

UA Poverty Field Workshop Presents Its Findings

UANews | May 22, 2015
In a seven-week survey of eight high-poverty Tucson neighborhoods, students found that many of the poor are employed and not receiving assistance.

A Light Touch for Museum Artwork

UANews | May 21, 2015
As museums explore new lighting technologies to enhance viewing without damaging artwork, a UA team is developing an LED system that draws from the world of optical science.