The University of Arizona

Excitement Builds for Match Day

UANews | March 19, 2014
Surrounded by excited family members and friends, graduating UA medical students will be presented with sealed envelopes that will reveal the next stop on their road to medical careers. The UA's College of Medicine - Tucson and College of Medicine - Phoenix will hold Match Day ceremonies on Friday during a national event happening on campuses across the country.

Tucson Village Farm Honored as Model Program for the Nation

UANews | March 6, 2014
National 4-H Council President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo visited Tucson Village Farm to recognize it as a model program for the nation. Sirangelo, along with representatives from the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and UA Cooperative Extension, met for a tour and discussion at Tucson Village Farm, a program of the UA and Cooperative Extension.

Turning Tucson Green: UA Student-Run Composting Program Partners With City

UANews | March 4, 2014
Compost Cats, a UA student-run organization, has partnered with the city of Tucson to reduce food waste in area landfills, improve local air quality, address climate change and help improve food safety. Among other things, the agreement calls for Compost Cats to be provided with manure from herbivores at Reid Park Zoo.

Students Invited to Join UA's Peace Corps Legacy

UANews | February 25, 2014
The UA has a long-standing reputation for being a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers, having supplied more than 1,500 Wildcats to the organization since 1961. This week, the University is inviting students to learn more about service opportunities during the annual Peace Corps Fair.

Undergraduate Researchers to Share Discoveries at Expo

UANews | February 24, 2014
The Honors Research Expo will showcase the discoveries of undergraduate researchers from across campus. This year, students will share their work in areas such as the effects of hypertension on memory, adaptability in indigenous communities, fault blocks at Kartchner Caverns and modern applications of acupuncture.

Undergrad's Research Involves Plant With Anti-Tumor Potential

UANews | February 18, 2014
UA junior Philipp von Bieberstein is doing independent study research on the medicinal plant Withania somnifera, a member of the tomato family that contains a potential anti-tumor agent. He is comparing growth of the plant in hydroponic versus aeroponic systems. Student-initiated research projects let undergrads delve into their own particular interests, he says. "Unlike in a classroom setting, you learn by actually planning everything."