The University of Arizona

UA Engineering Program Gaining Ground in High Schools

UANews | September 18, 2013
The UA's Engineering 102 High School program, introduces high school students and teachers to engineering through a variety of hands-on activities. Since its inception in 2008, the program has grown from one school and 21 students to 28 schools and 375 students.

UA Students Earn Nationally Competitive Fellowships

UANews | September 17, 2013
Three UA students have earned nationally competitive awards from the American Association of University Women, a global leader in advancing education and equity for women and girls. UA doctoral students Stephanie Tolbert and Erin Durban-Albrecht earned American Fellowships while undergraduate researcher Kaitlin Charette received a career development grant.

Rabies Research Designed for Prevention

UANews | September 16, 2013
Rabies cases in humans are rare, but people can still contract the disease. UA undergraduate researcher Robert Clark, who conducted an investigation into animal cases of rabies in Pima County, is now working to enhance public education around rabies prevention. With World Rabies Day approaching, he already has begun informing school nurses and educators about how to protect against the disease.

UA Musicians Get Rare, Prestigious International Invitation

UANews | September 13, 2013
The UA is the first-known higher education institution to receive a personal invitation to perform at the Wiener Musikverein in Vienna, one of the most prominent stages in the world. The invitation speaks to the strength and competitive nature of the University's music programs. Students and faculty are currently preparing for the highly anticipated May 2014 trip.

Student Develops Educational Agriculture Videos for the Public

UANews | September 5, 2013
With funding from the UA's Green Fund, Cooperative Extension hired a student intern to develop 10 educational videos about how to properly plan and maintain a garden. Translating UA research into practical application, the videos not only explain the basics of starting a garden but also provided the student who worked on the project with real-world career experience.

UA Priority: Graduate Student Success

UANews | September 4, 2013
Graduate studies have become increasingly competitive and demanding nationwide. In response, a number of UA units are expanding support for graduate and professional students to aid in their retention. They offer support in areas like funding, writing, work-life balance and more.