The University of Arizona

The New Face of Mining: Rita Riggs

UANews | May 30, 2013
UA alumna Rita Riggs is a mining operations supervisor now working in Salt Lake City. She sees ahead of her not only a life of adventure, but also many opportunities to continue educating the public about the value of mining. This story is part of a series exploring the role of women in mining.

UA Alumnus Leads One of Brazil's Largest Cities

UANews | May 29, 2013
UA alumnus Roberto Cláudio was elected mayor of Fortaleza, the fifth-largest city in Brazil, in 2012. He largely credits his experience at the UA for his success today. His advice to students: "Take full advantage of every second, every minute that you are in the University. You will never have another opportunity such as this one, in which you can dedicate yourself full-time to learning."

The New Face of Mining: Vicki Seppala

UANews | May 29, 2013
UA alumna Vicki Seppala, today a mining manager, says mining and geological engineering opens up a world of opportunity for young women and men. This is the third story in a seven-part series by the UA College of Engineering about the role of women in mining.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Build Collaboration, Productivity

UANews | May 28, 2013
The UA was a trailblazer when, in the 1960s, faculty members established the first Graduate Interdisciplinary Program. Today, 15 such programs exist, and many of them are high-ranked nationally. GIDPs are cross-college academic units designed to develop novel answers to some of the most pressing contemporary challenges.

The New Face of Mining: Barb Filas

UANews | May 28, 2013
Barb Filas, who graduated from the UA in 1978 then climbed from the underground coal mines of Illinois to the board room of a global mining company, is focused these days on mentoring young women new to the mining profession. "I think they are interested in some of the war stories us more seasoned girls have behind us," said Filas, a semi-retired mom of two grown engineers.

UA Orientation Primes Wildcats for Life

UANews | May 24, 2013
At the UA, New Student Orientation has gradually evolved from a simple, functional event to one full of interactive and engaging activities designed to introduce students to Wildcat life. Orientation today involves a continuation of contact and an experience that, in many cases, begins during a student's high school years. New Student Orientation is under way on the UA campus.