The University of Arizona

Student Develops Educational Agriculture Videos for the Public

UANews | September 5, 2013
With funding from the UA's Green Fund, Cooperative Extension hired a student intern to develop 10 educational videos about how to properly plan and maintain a garden. Translating UA research into practical application, the videos not only explain the basics of starting a garden but also provided the student who worked on the project with real-world career experience.

UA Priority: Graduate Student Success

UANews | September 4, 2013
Graduate studies have become increasingly competitive and demanding nationwide. In response, a number of UA units are expanding support for graduate and professional students to aid in their retention. They offer support in areas like funding, writing, work-life balance and more.

Alumni Trio Launch Parking Meter App

UANews | September 3, 2013
A group of UA Eller College of Management alumni have launched a new mobile app that allows motorist to pay for parking meters remotely. The Park Genius app, available on meters around the UA campus and in downtown Tucson, sends out a notification alert five minutes before the parking session is about to expire.

How to Learn on Your Feet

UANews | September 3, 2013
A variety of courses at the UA are taking students outside of the traditional lecture hall and into the community, the lab or the field to engage them in active learning. Such courses actively work to involve students in service learning, community engagement and fieldwork so that they are better prepared for post-University work.

More than 4,400 Taking UA Astronomy Class Online

UANews | September 3, 2013
More than 4,400 people across the nation and around the world are taking UA astronomer Chris Impey's new course, "Astronomy: State of the Art." The free massive open online class, or MOOC, is a survey of astronomy, covering planets, cosmology, cutting-edge missions and the latest discoveries.

ROTC Instructors Arrive with Leadership, Global Experiences

UANews | August 30, 2013
With decades of experience commanding troops between them, UA ROTC instructors Benjamin J. Walters, Brian Donahoo and Michael Kuhn have a wealth of leadership knowledge to share. Here, each of them talks about their years of service and worldwide travels, finding parallels between military leadership and their current capacities at the UA.