The University of Arizona

UA Student Filmmakers Show Their Work Before They're Famous

UANews | May 9, 2014
For those who would like to go on to become professional filmmakers, the student film is an important project for training and professional development. This month, students in the School of Theatre, Film and Television will screen their films, which were produced as part of a fiction production class.

Arizona 4-H Wins National Science Experiment Competition With 'Rockets to the Rescue'

UANews | May 7, 2014
Arizona 4-H, a program of UA Cooperative Extension, won the project design competition for the 4-H National Youth Science Day with its aerospace engineering experiment "Rockets to the Rescue."

Student Engineering Design Teams Give Glimpse of the Future

UANews | May 7, 2014
More than 350 undergraduate engineering students presented their innovations at the 2014 UA College of Engineering Design Day. The projects, which were sponsored by national and local industries and have the potential of becoming commercial products, provide the students with real-world experience and job opportunities.

UA College of Education Supports K-12 STEM Education With Teacher Appreciation Week

UANews | May 5, 2014
The University of Arizona is partnering with Tucson Values Teachers to host Teacher Appreciation Week. The effort honors, celebrates and supports teachers in Southern Arizona, particularly in STEM areas.

Solution-Oriented Model of Journalism is Focus of New UA Class

UANews | May 2, 2014
The UA School of Journalism, in partnership with the Arizona Daily Star, launched a new class to train students on developing solution-oriented mobile apps. The course was established to respond to a growing demand for journalists with technical skills, while also training students to think about ways engage people on solutions on top of sharing information about community-based problems.

UA Student Teachers to Work With Children in Their Homes to Gain New Experience

UANews | May 2, 2014
Beginning this fall, candidate UA students in the College of Education's elementary program will be required to commit to at least one home engagement with their elementary students. The requirement is meant to give the future teachers a unique opportunity to learn, firsthand, about the social and cultural backgrounds of their students to help improve in-class instruction and engagement.