The University of Arizona

A Light Touch for Museum Artwork

UANews | May 21, 2015
As museums explore new lighting technologies to enhance viewing without damaging artwork, a UA team is developing an LED system that draws from the world of optical science.

The Future Is Now at Engineering Design Day

UANews | May 6, 2015
An engineer with Tucson Electric Power calls it "the most exciting event I attend all year." Interdisciplinary collaboration and enthusiastic corporate support are hallmarks of the UA's annual competition.

Creating New Ambassadors for Science

UANews | May 6, 2015
Ed Prather, a UA associate professor, has developed a unique approach to elevate interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics among non-STEM majors.

Class of 2015: From Miss Arizona to Med School

UANews | May 1, 2015
Jennifer Sedler took a leave from her time at the UA to compete in the Miss America Pageant and says the experience deepened her commitment to a career in medicine.

Some Grads Earned Degrees From a Distance

UANews | April 29, 2015
The Class of 2015 includes graduate students who completed their degrees online, and undergraduates soon will follow them as part of the new UA Online campus.

Class of 2015: Supporting Community, One Pound at a Time

UANews | April 29, 2015
Alan Manquero, a senior at UA South, has created a fitness program with the city of Douglas and is helping others in his community lose weight and stay motivated. Manquero has lost about 115 pounds since 2012.