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Commencement Was a Family Affair

There are countless proud moments in a parent's life.

From a child's first steps to the first day of school and beyond, these moments compose the richly rewarding experience of parenthood.

Commencement Through the Ages

Did you know that the robes and caps worn by faculty and graduating students during the University of Arizona's Commencement ceremony are in line with the style of Oxford University in England?

The bachelor's gown, of poplin or a similar cloth, has long, pointed sleeves; the master's gown, also of poplin, has long, closed sleeves with square ends and a slit at the elbow for the arm to come through; the doctor's gown has full, round, open sleeves, is faced with velvet, and has three velvet stripes on the sleeves.

Class of 2015: Apple's Doors Open for UA Grad

Photo: Paul Tumarkin, Tech Launch Arizona

How to Build Your Best Resume

For the modern employee, the traditional resume no longer works.

An Investment in Different Disciplines

Photo: Beatriz Verdugo/UANews

Why would anyone want to double major in the humanities and a STEM field?

Student Columnists Wanted

University Relations, Communications is introducing a new student column on the UA's official news site,

Undergraduates and graduates are encouraged to apply Wildcat JobLink under the position titled UANews Guest Columnist (#771307). The application deadline is May 8.

Navajo Researcher's Work Hits Close to Home

It is a legacy that may be written in the DNA of some of Monica Yellowhair's fellow tribal members: The prevalence of uranium mining in the southwestern U.S. during the Cold War often led to tribal members, their lands and structures being exposed to radiation.

Wildcat Review: Spring Is in the Air

The smell of freshly cut grass, the sight of white-chalked foul lines, the sound of leather cracking as a ball hits the catcher's mitt.

While it technically may still be winter, here in Tucson, the sun is shining, softball and baseball seasons are quickly approaching, and this year the Wildcats are poised for success on the diamond.

Wildcat Review: Arizona Wildcats Make Us Proud

Arizona student-athletes had a momentous week with major feats of athleticism and national awards.

But did you know that kicker Casey Skowron's family came down from Phoenix for the football game against Washington, or that junior forward Brandon Ashley is recovering well from his injury?

Here's a review of some of the week's highlights and more information about your Arizona student-athletes.

Skowron's Redemption

Wildcat Review: Homecoming Win, Football/Women's Basketball This Week

Wildcat fans have much to celebrate. 

Last week, Arizona football took the win against Colorado during the UA's 100th Homecoming. This week, the team hosts Washington with kickoff scheduled for 1:30 p.m. at Arizona Stadium. Gates open at noon. If you are unable to attend the game, it will be broadcast live on FOX. 

More major news this week: Arizona's soccer team was selected in the field of 64 teams to play in the NCAA tournament. The Wildcats' first-round matchup will be against Oklahoma State on Nov. 14 at the Cowgirl Soccer Complex in Stillwater, Okla.