The University of Arizona

Arizona Students Trained For Careers in Cybersecurity

Dozens of high school students and their teachers attended a UA camp at the Biosphere 2 to learn about the field of cybersecurity.

A Tribute to Outgoing Pride of Arizona Band Director, Jay Rees

Video produced by Kirk Sibley

Those who have befriended, worked and studied under Jay Rees over his nearly 20 years at the University of Arizona describe him as a tenacious leader who, through fierce commitment, has worked to elevate music education and the Pride of Arizona marching band's image and stature.

Photo Essay: UA Student Photojournalists Capture the Essence of Italy

The moments that University of Arizona student photojournalists captured while studying in Italy range from the routine to the spectacular: a casual view of a woman reading in a leather shop, devout tourists lighting church candles, locals perusing open plazas and a glass blower intensely focusing on his work. 

Advice From a UA Alumnus

Luis Ramírez Thomas is president of Ramírez Advisors Inter-National LLC and has more than 25 years of experience working on infrastructure projects along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Camp Ignites STEM-Related Wonder in Middle School Students

"I should be a scientist or something!"

Those are the words 11-year-old Serinah Sanchez exclaimed during the third annual BlastOff! summer science camp at the University of Arizona, right after completing a puzzle. That "aha" moment came after she successfully translated an mRNA code into a message that said, "I'm ready for science." And as members of University of Arizona Biochemistry Club, these are the moments we are trying to create.

A Peer Mentor for Students Who Need the Most Help

Trevor Gervais earned a scholarship to attend the University of Arizona through Arizona Assurance, a program that provides financial and social support

Students, Master Artists Collaborate to Mass Produce Prints

At the School of Art, students have access to a sizable printmaking facility where they are able to produce lithography, relief and intaglio works. It is part of the University of Arizona's effort to train students in classical artistic works at a time when students also are helping to drive the re-emerging popularity of printmaking.

Some of the Sweet Moments from UA's 150th Commencement

One of the sweetest moments during the UA's 150th Commencement on Saturday included the engagement of graduates Brian Lamhang and Shannon Lim, both Doctor of Pharmacy graduates. On bended knee, Lamhang prosed to Lim while preparing for the procession to start.

Photo Essay: UA Cheerleader Tryouts

Family and friends watch as cheerleaders try out for the UA program. 

Earning a UA Degree, in a Grandfather’s Memory

Monty Begaye, a UA senior studying public management and policy as well as American Indian studies, has always excelled academically.