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An Intern's Postcards From Tanzania

Learning the Value of Effective Communication

Photo: Chris Scott - Focus Scout

An Opportunity to Tell America 'We're Still Here'

The drive from Moline, Illinois, to Salem, Massachusetts, was much less leisurely than the trip from Tucson to Moline. My mother, sister Cydney and I piled into the car and had two days to make a 1,200-mile drive with threats of 60 mph winds and hail.

Measuring 'Hearing Flexibility'

I am fascinated by the act of communicating with speech. 

UA Dancer Prepares for Rigorous Summer

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Sutton

I am an avid lover of dance and art, and a zealous believer in adventure. 

'Nomadic' Professional Finds Stability as UA Student

Fellow Prepares for 'Best Decade' of Life

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Startup Aspirant Combines Business, Aerospace Engineering

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Commencement Was a Family Affair

There are countless proud moments in a parent's life.

From a child's first steps to the first day of school and beyond, these moments compose the richly rewarding experience of parenthood.

Commencement Through the Ages

Did you know that the robes and caps worn by faculty and graduating students during the University of Arizona's Commencement ceremony are in line with the style of Oxford University in England?

The bachelor's gown, of poplin or a similar cloth, has long, pointed sleeves; the master's gown, also of poplin, has long, closed sleeves with square ends and a slit at the elbow for the arm to come through; the doctor's gown has full, round, open sleeves, is faced with velvet, and has three velvet stripes on the sleeves.