The University of Arizona

Slideshow: UA Alum-Employees, Then and Now

By Shelley Shelton, University Communications | November 2, 2011

In honor of Homecoming, we take a look back at how some prominent UA employees were way back when they were students here.

Deputy Director of Athletics Kathleen
Deputy Director of Athletics Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose was the UA's Homecoming Queen in the fall of 1978, her senior year.

A lot of alumni never stop loving the University after they graduate. A select few love it so much, they return to make their careers here, rising into positions that build and shape much of what the UA does and what it becomes known for.

This weekend, more than 45,000 UA alumni and fans are expected to descend on the campus for a cornucopia of activities as part of 2011 UA Homecoming, which is presented by the UA Alumni Association and has the theme "Red, Blue and Bold."

In this slideshow, take a look at several of the UA's alum employees – alumni who have homecoming every day – including some shots taken back when they were roaming the campus as undergraduate and graduate students.