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Commencement Through the Ages

Did you know that the robes and caps worn by faculty and graduating students during the University of Arizona's Commencement ceremony are in line with the style of Oxford University in England?

The bachelor's gown, of poplin or a similar cloth, has long, pointed sleeves; the master's gown, also of poplin, has long, closed sleeves with square ends and a slit at the elbow for the arm to come through; the doctor's gown has full, round, open sleeves, is faced with velvet, and has three velvet stripes on the sleeves.

Pigeons Present Public Health Concerns

Pigeon playing in Main Gate Fountain.
Gif by Bob Demers/UANews

Why Black Life Matters: A Reflection

February offers an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of members of black communities worldwide.

Introverts and Extroverts: Can We Get Along?

Perhaps you dread being in an elevator and being asked, "So, how about this weather?" Or, maybe you feel naturally inclined to work with groups of people instead of on solo projects.

Pucker Up: Five Fast Facts About Mistletoe

It's the holiday symbol for romance that has sparked countless smooches.

New UA Resources Examine Youth Sexual Health

Since 2010, the Crossroads Collaborative has brought together researchers from across disciplines at the UA and within in the community to generate research and writing on youth, sexuality, health and rights, commonly known as YSHR.

Philippines Surgical Medical Mission Includes UA Anesthesiology Team

UA Supporter Receives Surprise Ben’s Bell

University of Arizona partner Steve Seidl of Merle's Automotive Supply in Tucson was surprised with a a Ben’s Bell today in recognition of his longtime support of Cats in the Community, the UA's annual volunteer event.

Photo Essay: UA Training the Next Generation of STEM Specialists

This summer, 45 high school students from Tucson, Tuba City, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Nogales took part in an innovative University of Arizona program called KEYS – Keep Engaging Youth in Science. During the seven-week immersion program, the students served as interns alongside faculty members, postdoctoral students and graduate students in various UA laboratories.

Apollo 11: Remembering One of the Most Important Moments in Human History

This guest column is part of a two-part blog series on UA's involved in the Apollo 11 mission. Also read "Apollo 11: Reaching for the Moon." The package is part of UANews coverage on the UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory's historic involvement with NASA missions.