The University of Arizona

Pac-12 Follows UA's Lead, Joins Green Alliance

UANews | June 30, 2015
With a history of commitment to sustainability, the UA has been a member of the Green Sports Alliance since 2013 and in March hosted a "zero waste" men's basketball game.

UA's Miller to Coach U19 Team for US

UANews | May 14, 2015
The U19 team, which will compete in this summer's World Championships in Greece, is one of five national teams for USA Basketball.

Bear Down Kitchen: Delicious, Nutritious

UANews | April 30, 2015
Bearing down and eating up have a nutritional dimension through a new program, Eat Like a CHAMP, which encourages student-athletes to make healthful food choices.

Class of 2015: Golfer Is All About the Course Work

UANews | April 30, 2015
Hard work and homework are just part of life for the UA's Andrea Vilarasau, who has learned how to give her best effort and then move on to the next challenge.

Behind the Plate: A Catcher's Perspective

UANews | April 14, 2015
Even at the college level, a skilled catcher such as the UA's Riley Moore must be capable of complex statistical analysis, have lightning-fast judgment and have highly developed organizational and leadership skills.

UA Scores With 'A Player's Program'

UANews | March 31, 2015
The slogan began to gain traction in 2011 during a minor renovation at McKale Center, and it has since become the Twitter handle for men's basketball.