The University of Arizona

How Men and Women Cooperate

UANews | June 24, 2013
Cooperation is essential in any successful romantic relationship, but how men and women experience cooperation emotionally may be quite different, according to new UA research. While men tend to mirror their partners' emotions during moments of high mutual cooperation, women might actually have the opposite response, suggests a study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

High School Students Get Taste of Archaeology, Cultural Heritage

UANews | June 21, 2013
High school students in the Linking Hispanic Heritage through Archaeology program have been learning about Hispanic heritage while getting hands-on archaeology experience at the Arizona State Museum. The program, an American Latino Heritage project, is funded by the National Park Service, developed by Environmental Education Exchange and facilitated by the UA.

Understanding the How-To of Effective Communication in Small Groups

UANews | June 19, 2013
Have you ever sat through an ineffective meeting? Joseph Bonito, a UA communication professor, and his colleagues are investigating how groups of staff members in smoking cessation programs and how youth robotics teams communicate and make decisions. Ultimately, Bonito is working to advance new and more effective ways of meeting and communicating in small groups.

UA Studies Socioeconomic Impacts of Deepwater Horizon Spill

UANews | June 18, 2013
The UA's Brian Mayer is conducting a long-term study to examine and mitigate the socioeconomic impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf Coast region. During the five-year project, funded by a $1.7 million grant, Mayer and a team of collaborators are working to assess social vulnerability and community resiliency in Gulf communities.

Criminal Justice Major to Prep Students for Law Enforcement, Courts Careers

UANews | June 17, 2013
UA students interested in studying criminal justice will find a more robust program on campus starting this fall. Expanding from a concentration within the public policy and management program into its own major, the criminal justice program will prepare students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, courts systems and an array of related fields.

UA Faculty Expert Informs U.S. Supreme Court Case

UANews | June 13, 2013
Affirmative action in higher education once again will be at the forefront of national news as the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case is expected at any moment. The UA's Jeffrey Milem joined several researchers nationwide to develop an amicus brief summarizing key research on affirmative action in anticipation of the case.