The University of Arizona

Addressing Poverty, One Data Point at a Time

UANews | December 15, 2014
Tucson has one of the nation's highest poverty rates among large cities. UA faculty and students are tackling the issue through a course that continues in the spring.

UA International Centers Receive Title VI Funds

UANews | December 12, 2014
Grants establish the UA as a leader in foreign language instruction and Middle Eastern studies, and are funded under programs authorized by Title VI of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Students With Disabilities Become Wildcats

UANews | December 10, 2014
The UA is participating in a nationwide initiative to expand higher-education access for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. "You're going to love it here," students and families are told as a dream comes true.

Improving Access to Libraries for All

UANews | December 8, 2014
Assisted by a $500,000 federal grant from the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, the UA's Knowledge River program is training librarians to meet the technological and cultural needs of underserved communities.

Collaboration Creates New Tool for Southern AZ

UANews | December 5, 2014
MAP Dashboard measures education, health, infrastructure, quality of place, workforce and demographics.

News That Knows No Borders

UANews | December 3, 2014
UA School of Journalism students are producing news stories, in English and Spanish, for the entire region as part of the student-run Arizona Sonora News. Their content is appearing in newspapers and news sites on both sides of the border.