The University of Arizona

UA Team Promotes Equity With Translation Project

UANews | November 4, 2014
UA language specialists Jaime Fatás-Cabeza, Lizbeth Feria and Leonardo Vega are being honored by the city of Tucson for translating official city webpages into Spanish.

New Major Prepares UA Students for Health Care Professions

UANews | November 4, 2014
UA students are gaining an important career foundation in the helping careers through the School of Sociology's "Care, Health, and Society" program.

What Sleeping Babies Can Teach Us

UANews | November 4, 2014
UA researchers will explore how infants' sleep quality might affect cognitive development, thanks to a Gates Foundation grant.

With Seed Planted, STEM Internships Can Grow

UANews | November 3, 2014
A harvest of highly trained UA graduates awaits businesses that invest in the workforce of tomorrow. Here is what UA President Ann Weaver Hart and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild had to say about a new internship initiative.

Thought Leaders Learn the Ways of Idea Promotion

UANews | October 22, 2014
A program co-sponsored by the UA helps women refine their skills in public discourse and gets impressive results.

The Man Behind the UA's Presence in Mexico

UANews | October 20, 2014
Binational partnerships are a natural for José Lever, director of the University's office in Mexico City, who has built strong ties on both sides of the border.