The University of Arizona

What You and Your Valentine Should Know

UANews | February 10, 2015
The idea that opposites attract is popular, but it doesn't pan out in real life, UA researchers say. As Melissa Curran tells her students in a class on relationships: "There's no such thing as having too much in common."

LGBT Teens Who Come Out at School Have Better Self-Esteem, Study Finds

UANews | February 9, 2015
Despite the risk of being bullied, coming out in high school is better for students' well-being in the long-run, according to a new study by UA researcher Stephen Russell. Students who were open about their sexual orientation or gender identity in high school reported higher self-esteem.

Richard Ruiz Remembered for His Passion and Humor

UANews | February 9, 2015
A beloved UA faculty member and mentor who was head of the Department of Mexican American Studies, he died unexpectedly on Friday and leaves a legacy of kindness.

In a Crisis, the Bigger Your Social Network the Better

UANews | February 4, 2015
Communities in the late pre-Hispanic Southwest that were connected with their neighbors had the best success at managing hard times, a UA study suggests.

Judaic Studies Torah Is Being Restored

UANews | February 3, 2015
The UA campus and community at large are invited to observe the restoration of a Torah scroll.

New Professorship for Department of Communication

UANews | January 30, 2015
UA alumnus Steve Lynn and his wife, Nancy, have established the Steve and Nancy Lynn Endowed Professorship in UA Department of Communication. Chris Segrin, who heads the department, has been named its first endowed professor.