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Vampires & Shades of Grey: How Media Shapes Who We Are

UANews | January 7, 2014
You may think of watching television shows, like "The Simpsons" or "Dexter," going to the movies or reading a new best-seller as entertainment, pure and simple. But there's nothing simple about it. For Hope Schau, a UA associate professor of marketing, popular media is a complex interplay of ideas and information about who we are and who we want our heroes and heroines to be.

Walking the Walk: What Sharks, Honeybees and Humans Have in Common

UANews | December 23, 2013
In the first study of human hunter-gatherer movement patterns, a team led by UA anthropologist David Raichlen has found that the tribe’s movements while foraging can be described by a mathematical pattern called a Lévy walk – a pattern that also is found in the movements of many other animals, from sharks to honey bees.

Death and Dying in the Movies

UANews | December 11, 2013
A new book co-edited by two UA psychology faculty members explores how death – and fear of death – is portrayed in film. "Death in Classic and Contemporary Film: Fade to Black" features essays by psychologists, philosophers, film critics, screenwriters and academics. They look at how "the end" as it is depicted in dramas, comedies, horror movies and even superhero flicks.

Schooled in Baking

UANews | November 26, 2013
UA alumnus Don Guerra, who earned his degree from the College of Education, is the founder of Tucson-based Barrio Bread Co., which is the manifestation of his love for education and cooking. "I made the right choice going back to get my education degree," Guerra says.

COE Alum of Year: From Farmworker Family to Pentagon Position

UANews | November 20, 2013
UA alumna Mary Sally Matiella was born to a family of migrant farmworkers and didn't give much thought to college. She says her UA education is what gave her the background for a career that culminated with a presidential appointment to assistant secretary of the U.S. Army.

The Social Science of Cyberattacks

UANews | November 7, 2013
A team of UA researchers is looking at cybersecurity through a social sciences lens. "What we're saying from the social science perspective is don't focus on the attack. Focus on the attackers," says lead investigator Brint Milward. "Tracing where these attacks come from when they're bounced off computers all over the world is extraordinarily difficult and the best you can do is trace them back to a country. The ideal would be to move beyond that to identify the groups and their motives."