The University of Arizona

UA Sociologist Explores Business Closures During the Recession

UANews | August 10, 2012
UA sociology professor Joe Galaskiewicz is studying business and non-profit closures in the Phoenix metropolitan area to try to determine why some neighborhoods seem to have been hit harder by the recession than others. His research will consider a number of factors, including neighborhoods' cultural makeup and housing values, as well as the geographic distribution of businesses.

SIROW Leading Major National Evaluation of Juvenile Court Programs

UANews | August 8, 2012
The UA's Southwest Institute for Research on Women has received a $1.29 million grant to head up a multi-year evaluation of juvenile drug courts in the U.S. that have implemented an innovative program, Reclaiming Futures. The UA research is meant to inform future policy and practice around the support provided to teenagers receiving drug and alcohol treatment.

Small Grants Make a Big Impact

UANews | August 7, 2012
Spanning academic disciplines and geographies as diverse as Mexico, Chile, Columbia and Brazil, the UA looks to foster student and faculty exchanges and research collaborations through small grants issued to faculty members looking to enhance or jump start connections in Latin America.

Needed: A Global Bioinformatics System

UANews | August 6, 2012
P. Bryan Heidorn, the UA School of Information Resources and Library Science director, is working with a global team of researchers to devise a list of priorities that would help countries better organize and disseminate information about organic life and environmental changes. The 14-member team will release its suggestions to United Nations organizations in October.

Arabic Language Grant to Focus on ROTC Enrichment

UANews | July 31, 2012
Project Global Officers has funded the UA and its Arabic language learning programs to improve the language competency, regional expertise and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. The three-year grant includes 16 summer internships: 10 in Jordan, and six at the UA.

UA SBS College Goes to Washington, D.C.

UANews | July 30, 2012
John Paul Jones III, dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Brint Milward, director of the School of Government and Public Policy, visited Washington, D.C. recently to advocate for political science federal funding. The visit, arranged by the UA Office of Federal Relations, was in direct response to Congressional actions to eliminate funding for political science research at NSF.