The University of Arizona

Arabic Language Grant to Focus on ROTC Enrichment

UANews | July 31, 2012
Project Global Officers has funded the UA and its Arabic language learning programs to improve the language competency, regional expertise and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. The three-year grant includes 16 summer internships: 10 in Jordan, and six at the UA.

UA SBS College Goes to Washington, D.C.

UANews | July 30, 2012
John Paul Jones III, dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Brint Milward, director of the School of Government and Public Policy, visited Washington, D.C. recently to advocate for political science federal funding. The visit, arranged by the UA Office of Federal Relations, was in direct response to Congressional actions to eliminate funding for political science research at NSF.

UA Fulbright Will Assess Mexico Conservation Effort

UANews | July 27, 2012
Associate professor of anthropology Marcela Vasquez-Leon has been awarded a Fulbright scholarship to investigate one of the most intensive single-species conservation efforts involving payment for ecosystem services taking place in the Upper Gulf of California.

Arizona State Museum Hosts Archaeology Camp for Adults

UANews | July 25, 2012
Arizona State Museum's annual Archaeology Summer Camp for Adults teaches community members about archaeology through hands-on experience. Participants in this year's camp, which runs through July 27, are sorting, measuring and cataloging pieces from the Point of Pines pueblo in southeastern Arizona.

UA Series to Explore Voices for Peace During Times of War

UANews | July 25, 2012
Four free lectures, to be held at the St. Philip's in the Hills Episcopal Church starting July 29, are designed to explore issues from the 16th and 17th centuries that resonate with a present-day audience. The summer lecture series, "Voices for Peace in a War-Filled Age," is organized by the UA Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies.

Foundation Grants $1M to UA After-School Program Initiative

UANews | July 23, 2012
Young people who participate in quality after-school programs are more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol, graduate from high school and go to college. Armed with this knowledge, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust is granting more than $1 million to fund a UA project aimed at improving after-school programs in Maricopa County.