The University of Arizona

UA Partners with Saudi Arabia to Create Sustainable Farming Systems

UANews | November 30, 2012
The UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is teaming up with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia to create the Desert Agriculture Research Institute. The partnership is expected to result in groundbreaking collaborative research that will aid in developing sustainable farming, water and living systems to benefit the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, the U.S. Southwest and Mexico.

Post-Divorce Journaling May Hinder Healing for Some, UA Study Finds

UANews | November 28, 2012
Writing about one's feelings soon after divorce may cause more emotional harm than good for some people, according to new research conducted at the UA. The study, led by UA associate psychology professor David Sbarra, suggests that individuals who tend to brood over their failed marriage may only experience intensified distress when they engage in expressive writing soon after the split.

UA Project Paints Picture of Life for Youth in Foster Care with Disabilities

UANews | November 27, 2012
The UA is leading a project focused on providing life planning for Arizona foster children with developmental disabilities as they prepare to transition to adulthood. The goal of Picture of a Life project, led by the UA's Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Development Disabilities Education, Research and Service, is to help improve outcomes for children with developmental disabilities as they "age out" of foster care.

The Making of Social Justice Advocates

UANews | November 26, 2012
The UA's Intergroup Dialogue Program teaches students about systems of privilege and oppression, helping them understand social identity, conflict and communication. The program supports students as they examine misconceptions about populations of people while also providing them with important cultural skills and advice on ways to address injustice.

UA's Albrecht Classen Named Arizona Professor of the Year

UANews | November 21, 2012
Albrecht Classen, a University Distinguished Professor, has been named the Arizona Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Classen carries a docket full of publications and honors, and he has been an inspiration for many students.

College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Adds 'Planning' to Name

UANews | November 19, 2012
The UA College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture has a new name: the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, or CAPLA. The change was made in order to represent all of the professions housed in the college and to indicate the planning program’s importance to the strategic future of the college, the University and the state of Arizona.