The University of Arizona

Project Launches for LGBTQ Homeless

UANews | April 7, 2015
A disproportionate number of LGBTQ individuals experience homelessness in the U.S. The UA's Southwest Institute for Research on Women, with a new $1.2 million federal grant, is working to address the problem in the Tucson region.

UA-Led Research Debunks Belief About Narcissism

UANews | April 3, 2015
Overuse of the first-person singular is no clear indication of an unrealistic sense of superiority and self-importance and an overabundance of self-focus.

Work Explores Social Smoking on College Campuses

UANews | April 1, 2015
In her new book "Lighting Up," UA professor Mimi Nichter investigates the reasons that young adults continue to smoke more than any other age group — and makes a connection to drinking.

Debut Film by UA Alumnus Receives Accolades

UANews | March 26, 2015
Having enjoyed a successful world premiere, "Unsound," directed by UA alumnus Darious Britt, is slated to screen in the Phoenix Film Festival.

UA Student Project Tackles Poverty in Tucson

UANews | March 25, 2015
Data collection is only part of an ongoing field workshop that goes the extra mile, taking time to listen to the hardships and challenges faced by others in the community.

UA Students, Faculty Among Migrahack Winners

UANews | March 24, 2015
Grand-prize-winning team uses local traffic-stop data, providing an opportunity to see how police deal with issues of immigration status.