The University of Arizona

Good Days, Bad Days: When Should You Make Sacrifices in a Relationship?

UANews | April 30, 2013
A new UA study suggests that while making sacrifices in a romantic relationship is generally a positive thing, doing so on days when you are feeling especially stressed may not be beneficial. The research, led by Casey Totenhagen in the John & Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, is featured in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships' podcast series.

UA Professor’s Trial Testimony Highlights Importance of Public Scholarship

UANews | April 26, 2013
The UA's Elizabeth Oglesby testified recently the trial of former Guatemalan leader General Efráin Ríos Montt, who is charged with genocide and crimes against humanity. To Oglesby, the event is a teachable moment for students, because it reveals some important lessons about the complicated nature of field research and the importance of public scholarship.

Archaeologists Unearth New Information on Origins of Maya Civilization

UANews | April 25, 2013
A new UA study in the journal Science challenges the two prevailing theories on how the ancient Maya civilization began, suggesting its origins are more complex than previously thought. The findings are based on seven years of archaeological excavations at the ancient Maya site of Ceibal in Guatamala.

UA 4-H Program Benefits Arizona Youth, Economy

UANews | April 17, 2013
Arizona county fairs generate $4 million in livestock sales alone, plus $2 million in gate admissions. Most of that livestock is raised by youth who participate in the Arizona 4-H Youth Development program, based in the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. In 4-H, youth also learn responsibility, business acumen and community leadership.

Study Explores Arizona Parents' Struggle with Child-Care Options

UANews | April 12, 2013
Arizona parents tend to rely on a "patchwork" of child-care arrangements while many are looking for new options, and many of them struggle to pay for child care, according to a UA-led study. Results indicate that more financial support is needed for parents so their children can access early childhood education programs.

UA STEM Learning Center Set to Launch

UANews | April 8, 2013
The UA STEM Learning Center will provide the structural organization necessary to unify those engaged in STEM learning and workforce development in Southern Arizona. The center is set to launch April 12 during an event at the UA Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium.