The University of Arizona

East Asia's Miracle Economies Have Cruel Social Impacts

UANews | May 15, 2013
Countries in East Asia have long been thought of as economic powerhouses capable of pulling up the global economy. But a UA researcher and his colleagues studying such economies and the peoples' day-to-day realities say it likely isn't so and that the social impacts of neoliberal polices and practices have, in some cases, been devastating.

UA Fostering a New Type of Outreach

UANews | May 14, 2013
A new movement is under way to shift the way in which the UA engages its community partners in outreach initiatives funded by research grants. Where academics of the past sometimes limited their outreach projects, the move today is toward tailored, multi-year culturally responsive initiatives that serve a range of people throughout Arizona and beyond.

UA Student Earns National Fellowship

UANews | May 7, 2013
Incoming UA graduate student Natiely Munguia Nunez has earned a Woodrow Wilson‐Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship for Aspiring Teachers of Color. With $30,000 in funding, Munguia has decided to pursue her master's degree in education through the UA's Teach Arizona program.

UA Students Study Ancient Greek Pottery Techniques

UANews | May 1, 2013
UA students are using a replica of an ancient Greek hand-operated potter's wheel to study how Greek pots were created many years ago. The interdisciplinary project, directed by Eleni Hasaki, UA associate professor of anthropology and classics, explores both the art and science behind ancient Greek pottery making.

Good Days, Bad Days: When Should You Make Sacrifices in a Relationship?

UANews | April 30, 2013
A new UA study suggests that while making sacrifices in a romantic relationship is generally a positive thing, doing so on days when you are feeling especially stressed may not be beneficial. The research, led by Casey Totenhagen in the John & Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, is featured in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships' podcast series.

UA Professor’s Trial Testimony Highlights Importance of Public Scholarship

UANews | April 26, 2013
The UA's Elizabeth Oglesby testified recently the trial of former Guatemalan leader General Efráin Ríos Montt, who is charged with genocide and crimes against humanity. To Oglesby, the event is a teachable moment for students, because it reveals some important lessons about the complicated nature of field research and the importance of public scholarship.