The University of Arizona

UA Faculty Expert Informs U.S. Supreme Court Case

UANews | June 13, 2013
Affirmative action in higher education once again will be at the forefront of national news as the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case is expected at any moment. The UA's Jeffrey Milem joined several researchers nationwide to develop an amicus brief summarizing key research on affirmative action in anticipation of the case.

Video Games Seek to Teach Smart Financial Strategies

UANews | June 7, 2013
Can video games help people save money? SavingsQuest, an applied research project bringing together the UA and the Doorways to Dreams Fund under a Center for Financial Services Innovation grant, will test the theory in hopes of finding a mix of game features that will elicit smart savings behavior.

Team Improves Technologies for Youth with Visual Impairments

UANews | June 7, 2013
Backed by a U.S. Department of Education grant, UA School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts and College of Education researchers are developing an iPad app for students with visual impairments. Early tests of AnimalWatch Vi Suite have been promising, enabling students to work with technology while expanding their understanding of math.

35 Wildcats Earn NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

UANews | June 6, 2013
The NSF annually awards 2,000 Graduate Research Fellowships to students across the nation. This year, 35 of those awards were granted to students who either currently attend or have attended the UA as an undergraduate or graduate student. Said Andrew Carnie, interim dean of the UA Graduate College: "We are tremendously proud of these students."

Migrant Deaths Near Peak Highs, Despite Decrease in Unauthorized Migration

UANews | June 5, 2013
A report by the Binational Migration Institute at the UA answers key questions about migrant deaths in Southern Arizona since 1990. The report finds that deaths during migration in
 Southern Arizona have not decreased despite the overall decrease in unauthorized migration 

UA Civil Discourse Institute Leads Community Conversations on Mental Health

UANews | June 3, 2013
The UA National Institute for Civil Discourse is joining forces with several other deliberative democracy groups to promote Creating Community Solutions, a series of events around the country that will allow people to engage in dialogue and action on mental health issues. President Barack Obama announced his National Dialogue on Mental Health on June 3 at the White House.