The University of Arizona

Study Explores Arizona Parents' Struggle with Child-Care Options

UANews | April 12, 2013
Arizona parents tend to rely on a "patchwork" of child-care arrangements while many are looking for new options, and many of them struggle to pay for child care, according to a UA-led study. Results indicate that more financial support is needed for parents so their children can access early childhood education programs.

UA STEM Learning Center Set to Launch

UANews | April 8, 2013
The UA STEM Learning Center will provide the structural organization necessary to unify those engaged in STEM learning and workforce development in Southern Arizona. The center is set to launch April 12 during an event at the UA Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium.

150 Years of Mexican, Mexican American History Now Online

UANews | April 1, 2013
A UA student project led to the creation of a new digital collection at the UA Libraries, the Historic Mexican and Mexican American Press Collection. The collection makes accessible more than 150 years of news coverage documenting the voice of the Mexican and Mexican American community.

Conveying the American Indian College Experience

UANews | March 29, 2013
The term "American Indian research asterisk" exists in academia to explain the lack of information available about the experiences of tribal members. Three UA affiliates have contributed to a newly published book that works to expand what is understood about the experiences of American Indians at the nation's colleges and universities.

UA Course Explores Role of Fathers

UANews | March 29, 2013
A new undergraduate general education course at the UA explores the various aspects of fatherhood across species, cultures and time. It looks at the role of fathers from biological, social and evolutionary perspectives. The class is co-taught by husband-and-wife primate researchers who hope it can serve as a model for other universities around the country.

Artifacts Shed Light on Social Networks of the Past

UANews | March 25, 2013
The advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have made us all more connected, but long-distance social networks existed long before the Internet. A new study led by a UA anthropologist provides new information on social networks in the pre-Hispanic Southwest in A.D. 1200-1450. Among the findings are that people were able to maintain surprisingly long distance relationships in a time when the only mode of transportation was walking.