The University of Arizona

Schooled in Baking

UANews | November 26, 2013
UA alumnus Don Guerra, who earned his degree from the College of Education, is the founder of Tucson-based Barrio Bread Co., which is the manifestation of his love for education and cooking. "I made the right choice going back to get my education degree," Guerra says.

COE Alum of Year: From Farmworker Family to Pentagon Position

UANews | November 20, 2013
UA alumna Mary Sally Matiella was born to a family of migrant farmworkers and didn't give much thought to college. She says her UA education is what gave her the background for a career that culminated with a presidential appointment to assistant secretary of the U.S. Army.

The Social Science of Cyberattacks

UANews | November 7, 2013
A team of UA researchers is looking at cybersecurity through a social sciences lens. "What we're saying from the social science perspective is don't focus on the attack. Focus on the attackers," says lead investigator Brint Milward. "Tracing where these attacks come from when they're bounced off computers all over the world is extraordinarily difficult and the best you can do is trace them back to a country. The ideal would be to move beyond that to identify the groups and their motives."

UA Sociologist Studies Resiliency in Communities Devastated by Hurricane Sandy

UANews | November 6, 2013
An expert in how communities rebound from large-scale disasters, UA sociology professor Brian Mayer is studying community resiliency in Maryland coastal areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. His work, with Lynn Grattan from the University of Maryland, is part of part of an $8 million Health and Human Services project focused on long-term recovery.

A New Model and Movement for Social Engagement

UANews | October 30, 2013
The UA Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry has steadily initiated new programs and grant initiatives that support collaborations connecting the arts, humanities and social sciences. The center focuses on issues, ideas and communities that have been underrepresented historically in academia, serving as a model for interdisciplinary arts and humanities centers nationwide.

New UA Report Details Successes and Best Practices in Heritage Food Recovery

UANews | October 28, 2013
Despite the prevalence of endangered plants and animals, a new national study edited by UA conservation scientist Gary Paul Nabhan reveals that more than 15,000 unique vegetable, fruit, legume and grain varieties, along with dozens of livestock and poultry breeds, have returned to farmers markets, restaurants and home tables over the last quarter century.