The University of Arizona

UA Helps Build Heritage Conservation Program in Afghanistan

UANews | May 21, 2013
In an effort to help Afghanistan preserve its past, the UA is partnering with Kabul University to help build the college's cultural heritage conservation program. Three faculty members from Kabul will come to Tucson this summer to work with UA faculty and learn the latest techniques in conservation, research, artifact examination and documentation, and more.

UA Research Demonstrates How Bilinguals Switch Between Languages

UANews | May 20, 2013
Individuals who learn two languages at an early age seem to switch back and forth between separate "sound systems" for each language, according to new research conducted at the UA. The research, to be published in Psychological Science, addresses enduring questions in bilingual studies about how bilingual speakers hear and process sound in two different languages.

East Asia's Miracle Economies Have Cruel Social Impacts

UANews | May 15, 2013
Countries in East Asia have long been thought of as economic powerhouses capable of pulling up the global economy. But a UA researcher and his colleagues studying such economies and the peoples' day-to-day realities say it likely isn't so and that the social impacts of neoliberal polices and practices have, in some cases, been devastating.

UA Fostering a New Type of Outreach

UANews | May 14, 2013
A new movement is under way to shift the way in which the UA engages its community partners in outreach initiatives funded by research grants. Where academics of the past sometimes limited their outreach projects, the move today is toward tailored, multi-year culturally responsive initiatives that serve a range of people throughout Arizona and beyond.

UA Student Earns National Fellowship

UANews | May 7, 2013
Incoming UA graduate student Natiely Munguia Nunez has earned a Woodrow Wilson‐Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship for Aspiring Teachers of Color. With $30,000 in funding, Munguia has decided to pursue her master's degree in education through the UA's Teach Arizona program.

UA Students Study Ancient Greek Pottery Techniques

UANews | May 1, 2013
UA students are using a replica of an ancient Greek hand-operated potter's wheel to study how Greek pots were created many years ago. The interdisciplinary project, directed by Eleni Hasaki, UA associate professor of anthropology and classics, explores both the art and science behind ancient Greek pottery making.