The University of Arizona

UA Course Explores Role of Fathers

UANews | March 29, 2013
A new undergraduate general education course at the UA explores the various aspects of fatherhood across species, cultures and time. It looks at the role of fathers from biological, social and evolutionary perspectives. The class is co-taught by husband-and-wife primate researchers who hope it can serve as a model for other universities around the country.

Artifacts Shed Light on Social Networks of the Past

UANews | March 25, 2013
The advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have made us all more connected, but long-distance social networks existed long before the Internet. A new study led by a UA anthropologist provides new information on social networks in the pre-Hispanic Southwest in A.D. 1200-1450. Among the findings are that people were able to maintain surprisingly long distance relationships in a time when the only mode of transportation was walking.

iSTEM Project Connects Students to Science, Engineering

UANews | March 21, 2013
One national priority is to train more youth toward eventual careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Dozens of American Indian youth are engaging in a unique UA project called iSTEM that combines one-on-one mentoring with science and engineering education.

Dance Marathon to Raise Funds in Support of Child Patients

UANews | March 20, 2013
Students in the UA School of Dance are collaborating with Beads of Courage on a dance marathon to support children being treated for serious medical conditions. The 10-hour dance event on April 6 will benefit young patients at The University of Arizona Medical Center-Diamond Children's.

The Dangers of 'Overparenting'

UANews | March 19, 2013
You've likely heard the term "helicopter parents." In the same vein, "overparenting" is something that is more involved and, potentially, more dangerous for the emotional growth of young adults. UA professor Chris Segrin and his collaborators have published papers on how overparenting is related to the helicopter parenting phenomenon and how authoritarian parenting can pose challenges for adult children.

Student Engagement: UA Community and School Garden Program

UANews | March 18, 2013
The UA's Community and School Garden Program, working in partnership with the Tucson Community Food Bank, helps teachers develop school gardens used to teach students skills in a variety of areas, including ecology, math and social sciences. The program has grown from two to 10 schools since its inception in 2010.