The University of Arizona

New UA Report Details Successes and Best Practices in Heritage Food Recovery

UANews | October 28, 2013
Despite the prevalence of endangered plants and animals, a new national study edited by UA conservation scientist Gary Paul Nabhan reveals that more than 15,000 unique vegetable, fruit, legume and grain varieties, along with dozens of livestock and poultry breeds, have returned to farmers markets, restaurants and home tables over the last quarter century.

UA Collaborates With City of Tucson, Nonprofits to Fight Poverty

UANews | October 22, 2013
The UA is collaborating with the city of Tucson and local nonprofits to assess the needs of those living in poverty in the Tucson area, with plans to inform future programs and policies. In the spring, UA undergraduate students will interview members of about 250 impoverished households to gain a more in-depth understanding of poverty.

International Project on Religion, Secularism and Politics Launching at the UA

UANews | October 21, 2013
UA researchers are involved in a three-year collaborative effort that will bring together scholars from around the world in a joint study of how political life is changing globally in response to the forces of religion and secularism. The Religion, Secularism, and Political Belonging project is led by Leerom Medovoi, head of the UA Department of English

How We Recover When Trust is Broken

UANews | September 25, 2013
How people repair relationships after a breach of trust depends on whether the relationship is new or firmly established, new research suggests. In a paper analyzing particular brain responses in regards to breaches of trust, a UA assistant professor and other researchers found that people recover better in established relationships and are more likely to forgive and move on.

UA Professor Delves into Arizona Irishwoman's Diaries

UANews | September 23, 2013
The UA's Judy Nolte Temple has spent years investigating the life of the late Arizona Irishwoman Mary Eileen Murphy Walsh, or "Mim." Temple, who plans to write a book about Walsh, said her story provides important insight into the reluctant immigrant’s perspective on American life.

UA's Native Nations Institute Launches New Online Course Series

UANews | September 9, 2013
The UA's Native Nations Institute has made publicly available a series of individual, self-paced courses designed to educate members of tribal nations and others about native nation building. The series covers specific topics like economic development, constitutional reform, justice systems, intergovernmental relations and leadership.