The University of Arizona

Licensing Agreement Brings UA-Developed Drug to Cancer Patients Outside U.S.

UANews | January 21, 2014
A drug combination resulting from basic cancer research developed at the UA offers hope for patients with a hereditary predisposition to colon cancer. Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, a spinoff founded by former UA professor Eugene Gerner, has entered into a licensing agreement with help from Tech Launch Arizona to introduce the drug to markets in Japan and Europe. CPP specializes in prevention therapies for people with an elevated risk of cancer.

Microbial Murder Mystery Lands Two UA Students in Top 10 of Ocean Science Video Challenge

UANews | January 17, 2014
A three-minute cartoon video made by two UA graduate students is one of 10 finalists in the Ocean 180 Video Challenge, an outreach campaign designed to inspire scientists to communicate the meaning and significance of scientific research to a broader audience. Disguised as cartoon murder mystery, the clip explains research on marine viruses and their prey in a fun and understandable way.

UA Mathematician Earns Presidential Early Career Award

UANews | January 16, 2014
UA associate professor David Savitt has been given the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists, the highest honor the U.S. government gives to science and engineering professionals who are in the early stages of their independent research careers. The award recognizes those who hold great promise for making significant contributions in their fields.

OSIRIS-REx and Planetary Society Launch 'Messages to Bennu' Campaign

UANews | January 15, 2014
Members of the public can have their names carried aboard the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft when it leaves on a round-trip voyage to asteroid Bennu. Led by the UA, the OSIRIS-REx mission will scoop a sample from the asteroid and return it to Earth, where it will help scientists better understand how the planets and our solar system came to be.

New UA Center to Offer Solutions for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

UANews | January 14, 2014
A new center established by the UA's Institute of the Environment will leverage the UA’s research and outreach related to living within the constraints of arid and drought-prone environments to connect research to real-world issues faced by land-use planners.

UA Solution for Deadly Shrimp Disease to Become Available Worldwide

UANews | January 13, 2014
UA researchers have developed a rapid screening test to detect disease-causing bacteria in commercial shrimp farms. Delivering results within hours instead of days, the new method will be the first on the market and meets a critical need within the shrimp producing industry. The technology will be available worldwide through a licensing agreement facilitated by Tech Launch Arizona.