The University of Arizona

OSIRIS-REx Mission Passes Milestone

UANews | April 2, 2015
Assembly, launch and test operations have begun at Lockheed Martin in Denver, representing a critical stage of the program when the spacecraft begins to take form.

UA Team Wins $100,000 in Water Challenge

UANews | April 2, 2015
Through "Beyond the Mirage," Arizonans will create and share their own mini-documentaries on a website that is expected to launch in January.

EarthWeek 2015 to Showcase Student Research

UANews | April 2, 2015
The annual student-organized event, now in its sixth year, will include 110 poster presentations, 111 oral presentations and five keynote speakers.

Galaxy Clusters Formed as 'Fireworks'

UANews | March 31, 2015
Observations with UA observatories in Arizona and space observatories reveal glimpses into how today’s galaxies came to be. Using one-of-a-kind instrumentation, astronomers were able to study large numbers of "mystery galaxies."

A Better Method for Forecasting Hurricane Season

UANews | March 31, 2015
Damages from U.S. hurricanes between 1970 and 2002 cost $57 billion. UA scientists say that better predictions can help with emergency preparedness, which could limit damages, cut costs and save lives.

Nobel Laureates Say UA Scientists Paved Way

UANews | March 27, 2015
Longtime connections to the 2014 recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine bring four of the world's leading brain researchers to campus in celebration of several milestones.