The University of Arizona

UA Civil Engineering Prof, Alum Blast-Proof New UN Headquarters in Beirut

UANews | January 29, 2014
United Nations personnel recently moved into their new headquarters in Beirut, after civil engineering professor emeritus Mo Ehsani’s company, QuakeWrap, finished a blast-proofing retrofit with the help of UA engineering alum Rabih Hajjar, who lives in Lebanon. "I was lucky enough to have a smart engineer like Rabih as my student," Ehsani says. "He was my obvious choice when we needed help in Lebanon."

UA Undergraduate Researcher Earns Prestigious National Award

UANews | January 27, 2014
UA Honors College student Daniel Fried has been named a Churchill Scholar, a nationally competitive award granted to 14 students from across the U.S. for one year of advanced study at the University of Cambridge. Fried, who is studying computer science, mathematics and information science, will pursue a master's in computational semantics.

UA Researchers Find Culprit Behind Skeletal Muscle Disease

UANews | January 27, 2014
Genetic mutations in titin, a protein that is vital for proper muscular function, can cause skeletal muscle disease, according to a new study by UA doctoral candidate Danielle Buck and her mentor, Henk Granzier, published Monday in the Journal of General Physiology. The work answers a question that remained after previous studies, which couldn't say if the deviations caused myopathies, or merely resulted from them.

UA Agreement With Motorola Aims to Get Innovations to Market Faster

UANews | January 27, 2014
Under the agreement, the UA and the other university partners will streamline processes by sharing resources and creating new pathways that will help develop new technologies quicker. The goal will be to complete research agreements in as little as 30 days and start the actual research sooner than what happens with traditional sponsored research agreements.

Outreach to Parents Could Draw More Hispanics to Geosciences, UA Researchers Say

UANews | January 24, 2014
UA researchers interviewed former geosciences students to learn about incidents that positively or negatively affected their selection of a major. Based on the results, the researchers believe that the numbers of Hispanic students in geosciences could be boosted by getting them more involved in outdoor activities and by reaching out to their parents.

Fungi are the 'Secret Police' in Rain Forest Diversity, Study Finds

UANews | January 22, 2014
Rain forests may owe much of the high biodiversity for which they are known to tiny fungi in the soil, according to a research study published in Nature. Insects, on the other hand, appear to have less of an impact on plant diversity than previously thought. The study is the first experimental test of the long-standing hypothesis that plant pests can drive tropical plant community diversity.