The University of Arizona

A Shudder Through the Earth: Learning From Nepal

UANews | April 29, 2015
Seismologists at the UA are part of a global community of scientists trying to better understand massive earthquakes and help communities prepare for the worst.

TLA to Honor Innovation, Impact

UANews | April 29, 2015
Second annual awards by UA's commercialization arm will recognize those whose work affects quality of life through research, collaboration and innovation.

UA Professor Elected to National Academy of Sciences

UANews | April 28, 2015
Major honor for Renu Malhotra of UA's Department of Planetary Sciences follows her election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Changing the World, Impressing Employers

UANews | April 28, 2015
Nearly 80 teams of UA seniors have spent two semesters taking a corporate or UA sponsor’s project from concept to reality. Now they're ready to show off their work at the 13th annual Engineering Design Day.

Active Learning Spaces to Multiply in Fall

UANews | April 27, 2015
Five classrooms will be outfitted over the summer with technology and furniture designed to enhance student learning and interaction as the UA builds on the success of last fall's pilot project in STEM education.

Academy Elects UA Planetary Sciences Professor

UANews | April 24, 2015
Renu Malhotra has revolutionized the understanding of the history of the solar system through use of the orbital resonance between Pluto and Neptune.