The University of Arizona

OSIRIS-REx Team Prepares for Next Step

UANews | June 22, 2015
The various instruments that will enable OSIRIS-REx to safely travel to the asteroid Bennu, take a sample and return it to Earth are being readied for shipment to the spacecraft's assembly facility.

'Tough Phase' for Cotton Growers, UA Dean Says

UANews | June 12, 2015
Arizona’s water deliveries from the Colorado River may be cut as soon as next year, and that scenario doesn’t bode well for agriculture in the state.

Dusty Secrets Could Help Asthma Sufferers

UANews | June 11, 2015
Researchers in the UA's BIO5 Institute will collaborate with Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Biotech to identify compounds in dust samples from Amish farming communities that could promote respiratory health.

UA Center Studies the Link Between Climate and Civilization

UANews | June 11, 2015
The new, interdisciplinary Center for Mediterranean Archaeology and the Environment is tackling the mysteries of how the "cradle of civilization" dealt with deluges and droughts.

Field Course Encourages Landscape Time

UANews | June 9, 2015
When most Americans spend the majority of their lives indoors, what does that mean for their relationship to the environment? UA instructor Eric Magrane is pushing for a different appreciation.

Tech Launch Arizona Scores a Big Win

UANews | June 8, 2015
Retail giant Walmart will use the software of UA startup SinfoníaRx to monitor prescription medications — a textbook example of how TLA and tech transfer work at the UA.