The University of Arizona

UA Photo Exhibit Is a Shining Star of Its Own

UANews | January 30, 2015
The Center for Creative Photography presents "Astronomical: Photographs of Our Solar System and Beyond," bringing an array of spectacular images into focus.

Iceland Rises as Its Glaciers Melt From Climate Change

UANews | January 29, 2015
A UA-led research team has caught the attention of international media with its findings, which indicate a connection to the onset of warming 30 years ago.

Picking Up on the Smell of Evolution

UANews | January 27, 2015
UA researchers have discovered some of the changes in genes, physiology and behavior that enable a species to drastically change its lifestyle in the course of evolution.

UA Hosts Mexican Science Delegation

UANews | January 27, 2015
The University's expertise in mining, engineering and technology attracts the interest of a Mexican senator who heads his country's Commission on Science and Technology, prompting a three-day visit.

Providing Tomorrow's Medicine Today

UANews | January 26, 2015
The mission of the new Arizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation: Transform UA research into practical health care solutions, through the commercialization of biomedical technologies.

Engineering Discovery Brings Invisibility Closer to Reality

UANews | January 23, 2015
Someone looking at a person wearing a cloak with artificially designed refraction properties would see part or none of the person.