The University of Arizona

High Life in the Andes, 12,000 Years Ago

UANews | November 4, 2014
With the help of UA researchers, archaeologists have discovered that the highest known human occupation sites are also the world's oldest.

How Beetles Hack Into Ant Colonies

UANews | October 31, 2014
Paussus beetles use fake IDs to deceive their ant hosts — and then eat them. UA entomologists say the beetles evolve at a rate rarely found in the animal kingdom.

Hawaiian Eye to the Sky Now Under UA Directorship

UANews | October 31, 2014
The United Kingdom Infrared Telescope, considered one of the world’s leading astronomical observatories, is entering a new phase of operations under the UA and University of Hawaii.

Tech Park Celebrates Solar Zone Milestone

UANews | October 29, 2014
Facility that occupies 165 acres of land at the UA Tech Park in southeastern Tucson had 10 participants in its first phase.

A Little Halloween Love for Bats

UANews | October 29, 2014
Yes, they have an image problem, but give them credit for saving cotton farmers millions of dollars in crop damage and insecticide costs. However, their role in pest control is changing, a UA scientist says.

Research Uses DNA to Study Key Events in Plant Evolution

UANews | October 28, 2014
An international research collaboration involving UA scientists and cyberinfrastructure provided by the iPlant Collaborative, based in part at the UA, has used DNA to look back in time at important turning points in plant evolution.