The University of Arizona

A New, Public View of the Sky

UANews | January 7, 2015
UA scientists are providing scientific expertise and crucial technology to the largest project ever undertaken to map the cosmos.

Colorado River Delta Greener After Engineered Pulse of Water

UANews | December 18, 2014
Over a period of nearly two months, water was released into the dry river bed below Morelos Dam, which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border just west of Yuma.

Website Shines Light on Renewable Energy Resources

UANews | December 17, 2014
A team from the UA and eight Southwestern electric utility companies has built a pioneering web portal that provides insight into renewable energy sources and how they contribute to the region’s electricity grid.

Of Bugs and Brains

UANews | December 17, 2014
The fundamental structures underlying learning and memory in the brains of Invertebrates as different as a fruit fly and an earthworm are remarkably similar, according to UA neuroscientists.

TLA Commercialization Partners Take On UA Startups

UANews | December 17, 2014
From an original pool of 44 applicants, 12 individuals were selected to serve in one of three roles: entrepreneur-in-residence, executive-in-residence and investor-in-residence.

$20 Million Gift Pushes UA Closer to the Stars

UANews | December 17, 2014
A major donation by Richard F. Caris bolsters the UA's reputation in space science and supports its commitment to the Giant Magellan Telescope, scheduled for completion in 2021 in Chile.