The University of Arizona

Second Instrument Delivered for OSIRIS-REx Mission

UANews | July 8, 2015
A spectrometer that will help the OSIRIS-REx mission team select a suitable sampling site on the asteroid Bennu has arrived at Lockheed Martin's spacecraft assembly facility, ready to be integrated into the nascent spacecraft.

Professor-Student Team Brings Awareness to Virus

UANews | July 2, 2015
An open house at the BIO5 Institute led to a student's internship with immunobiology professor Felicia Goodrum on the cytomegalovirus and its potentially devastating effects.

2 From UA Solve Public Health Issue, Win Competition

UANews | July 1, 2015
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded first place and $150,000 to UA faculty for their method of predicting cases of the mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus.

Likelihood Low of Danger From Asteroid

UANews | June 29, 2015
Today is Asteroid Day and Eric Christensen, director of the UA's Catalina Sky Survey, discusses the chances of danger from a giant space rock slamming into our planet.

OSIRIS-REx’s First Instrument Arrives for Integration Into Spacecraft

UANews | June 26, 2015
The first of five instruments that will map and analyze asteroid Bennu as part of the UA-led OSIRIS-REx mission has arrived at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems facility and awaits integration into the spacecraft structure.

Undergraduate Researchers Are Off to the Czech Republic

UANews | June 24, 2015
Carol Bender, director of the UA's Undergraduate Biology Research Program, launched a 10-week program that sent 10 students to the Czech Academy of Sciences.