The University of Arizona

UA Researchers Reveal Elusive Molecule

UANews | July 13, 2015
A long-standing chemistry puzzle is solved, with potential implications ranging from industrial processes to atmospheric chemistry.

Thinning Is In: UA Helps to Tame Wildfires

UANews | July 13, 2015
Carrying out its land-grant mission, Cooperative Extension teaches thinning practices to northern Arizona landowners in a strategy to grow healthier trees and prevent forest fires.

UA Offers Early Training in Cybersecurity

UANews | July 10, 2015
The Eller College of Management hosts the GenCyber camp, introducing students and teachers to the emerging field with support from two national agencies.

Pluto: A Dream 3.7 Billion Miles in the Making

UANews | July 10, 2015
UA researcher Veronica Bray, whose little-girl aspirations became reality, will try to unravel the mysteries of the dwarf planet as part of NASA's New Horizons mission. Today's flyby will yield the first-ever close-up images.

UA Startup to Develop Cancer Treatment

UANews | July 8, 2015
A drug by Synactix Pharmaceuticals starves and obstructs tumor growth, and represents another successful collaboration by the College of Pharmacy and Tech Launch Arizona.

Doctors to Get Better Access to Digital Data

UANews | July 8, 2015
Software developed by UA researchers, as part of a $1.3 million NIH grant, will transmit review-ready data in minutes or seconds, helping patients receive quicker second opinions and diagnoses.