The University of Arizona

Remembering Rafe: From Tide Pools to the Stars

UANews | June 3, 2015
With the tragic death of Raphael "Rafe" Sagarin, the UA community has lost a marine scientist whose boundless enthusiasm, sharp intellect and caring attitude inspired others.

When Plants Become Space Invaders

UANews | June 2, 2015
Declines in native biodiversity can open opportunities for imported species to not only grab a foothold in a new territory, but also to evolve into invasive pests.

UA Shares Agricultural Technology With World

UANews | May 29, 2015
The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has become one of the world's most influential global platforms for exploring innovations toward sustainable agriculture and food security.

How Longhorned Beetles Find Mr. Right

UANews | May 27, 2015
The mating dance of these insects involves much more than their pheromone cologne. It depends on the time of day and the season, according to UA-led researchers.

New Insights Into Drivers of Earth's Ecosystems

UANews | May 21, 2015
Sampling the world's oceans aboard the Tara Oceans research vessel, a UA-led international team uncovered new information about the ways marine viruses and microbes interact.

Giant Mirror Presents a Unique, Oversize Load

UANews | May 20, 2015
After years of polishing to perfection, the telescope mirror that is expected to revolutionize our view of the cosmos has left the UA's Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab. Its destination: Chile.