The University of Arizona

Land Animals Proliferate Faster Than Aquatic Counterparts

UANews | August 6, 2015
New analyses of vertebrate groups performed by UA evolutionary biologist John Wiens may help explain biodiversity patterns throughout the animal kingdom.

Icy Secrets From the Dawn of Time

UANews | August 4, 2015
UA planetary scientist Shane Byrne was selected by NASA to study ice formation processes on the dwarf planet Ceres, a mysterious world believed to hold clues about how the planets formed.

UA Center Educates Public on Water Issues

UANews | August 3, 2015
The UA Water Resources Research Center recently released its 2015 Arroyo newsletter, which covers an "enormous topic" — Arizona’s water situation, and its challenges and options.

UA Announces Partnership With Air Force Research Lab

UANews | August 3, 2015
A collaborative agreement with AFRL New Mexico in Albuquerque is expected to improve career opportunities for students and provide access to specialized test facilities.

UA Marks Record Second Year in Research Commercialization, Several Notable Startups

UANews | July 29, 2015
Tech Launch Arizona saw another record year with more than 200 invention disclosures, the formation of 12 startup licensee companies and more than $2.1 million in revenue from royalties and patent reimbursements for intellectual property at the UA.

UA Professor Presents Developing Fraud Detection Technology to U.S. Congressional Committee

UANews | July 29, 2015
Joe Valacich, a UA Eller College of Management professor, presented his developing technology for identifying suspicious behaviors to a Congressional Committee on Homeland Security.