The University of Arizona

Maketopolis: UA Engineering Student Clubs Come 'Out of the Workshop and Into the World'

UANews | February 26, 2014
Engineering students will join do-it-yourselfers, roboticists, inventors, hobbyists, artists, bike modders, time lords, metalworkers, potters, hackers, steampunks, weavers, builders, woodcrafters, sculptors, tinkerers, programmers, car customizers, and more at the inaugural Tucson maker fair.

Undergraduate Researchers to Share Discoveries at Expo

UANews | February 24, 2014
The Honors Research Expo will showcase the discoveries of undergraduate researchers from across campus. This year, students will share their work in areas such as the effects of hypertension on memory, adaptability in indigenous communities, fault blocks at Kartchner Caverns and modern applications of acupuncture.

UA Professor Starts Company to Focus on Supporting Common Core Mathematics Standards

UANews | February 24, 2014
Professor Bill McCallum has started Illustrative Mathematics, a nonprofit company dedicated to helping develop, teach and implement the Common Core Standards for mathematics. The new nonprofit will offer free online resources to K-12 mathematics educators and involve teachers across the country in creating targeted, innovative ways of teaching mathematics concepts and skills.

UA College of Optical Sciences to Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Laser Fun Day

UANews | February 21, 2014
What do cellphones and rainbows have in common? Find out at Laser Fun Day. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the UA College of Optical Sciences, the fourth annual event will help light the way for future generations' interest in science and technology.

Giant Magellan Telescope Poised to Enter Construction Phase

UANews | February 20, 2014
The Giant Magellan Telescope has completed its design phase, clearing the way to production. The GMT is not only the largest telescope ever built, but it features the world's most advanced mirror design, which was developed at the UA. The telescope will allow astronomers to explore potentially habitable planets and peer back in time to the universe's infancy.

A Road Map – and Dictionary – for the Brain

UANews | February 18, 2014
In an unprecedented effort to standardize the anatomical nomenclature of insect brains, UA neuroscientists have helped create a road map for discoveries that will advance studies of human brain function and disease. Their work, published in the scientific journal Neuron and available to the public, includes hundreds of images and 3-D video animations.