The University of Arizona

Ecosystem Metaphor May Apply to Humans

UANews | April 9, 2015
Principles from biological systems that are parallel to human systems may provide ways of understanding how human groups — and even terrorist organizations — function.

E-Week: Fun, Games and Brains

UANews | April 7, 2015
With 28 student clubs participating, this year's edition could be the biggest one yet in promoting engineering to the UA campus and the community.

UA-Led Study Resolves Reptilian Family Tree

UANews | April 3, 2015
New research has helped settle the relationships among the major groups of lizards and snakes, and it has implications for future studies in ecology and evolutionary biology.

OSIRIS-REx Mission Passes Milestone

UANews | April 2, 2015
Assembly, launch and test operations have begun at Lockheed Martin in Denver, representing a critical stage of the program when the spacecraft begins to take form.

UA Team Wins $100,000 in Water Challenge

UANews | April 2, 2015
Through "Beyond the Mirage," Arizonans will create and share their own mini-documentaries on a website that is expected to launch in January.

EarthWeek 2015 to Showcase Student Research

UANews | April 2, 2015
The annual student-organized event, now in its sixth year, will include 110 poster presentations, 111 oral presentations and five keynote speakers.