The University of Arizona

UA's Rice Symposium Tackles 'People Question'

UANews | November 20, 2014
Event marks the anniversary of completion of the rice genome. the first genome completed for any crop plant, impacting the fields of plant biology and agriculture.

2 Couples Make Major Donations to Precision Health

UANews | November 20, 2014
"Medicine of the future" receives the financial support of longtime donors Bruce and Patricia Bartlett and young philanthropists Grant and Michelle Senner.

App Could Be Your Map for Solving Traffic

UANews | November 19, 2014
With Metropia’s mobile app, guided to a patent by the UA's Tech Launch Arizona, commuters can adjust their travel times and plans based on traffic-prediction and vehicle-routing technology.

Viruses: Tiny Teachers of Biology

UANews | November 18, 2014
UA researchers are investigating two common but devastating viruses, CMV and HPV, and their work could lead to future therapies.

Computer Training as a Family Affair

UANews | November 18, 2014
The award-winning UA student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers teaches and reaches across generations.

The Answer Is Blowing in the Intergalactic Wind

UANews | November 14, 2014
Using observation data from the Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, UA astronomers help solve the longstanding mystery of why galaxies produce fewer stars when they occur in clusters.