The University of Arizona

Cave Microbes Exhibit Now Open at Kartchner Caverns

UANews | November 19, 2013
A National Science Foundation-funded exhibit, "Journey into the World of Microbes," is now open in the Discovery Center at Kartchner Caverns, offering the public a closer look at the microscopic organisms that live in the caves. The kiosk was created to educate the public about these cave microbes, including some that are being studied by UA researchers.

A Living Desert Underground

UANews | November 19, 2013
UA researchers have discovered a surprisingly diverse ecosystem of microbes in a limestone cave near Tucson, Arizona, eking out a living from not much more than drip water, rock and air. The discovery not only expands our understanding of how microbes manage to colonize every niche on the planet but also could lead to applications ranging from environmental cleanup solutions to drug development.

UA McGuire Center Named Innovator of the Year

UANews | November 15, 2013
The UA's McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship was named Innovator of the Year in academia during the Governor's Celebration of Innovation gala. All finalists for the award were from the UA, representing innovative programs in agriculture, the biological sciences and environmental science.

Managing Fires in Arizona's Sky Islands

UANews | November 15, 2013
FireScape is a comprehensive effort to manage fires and ecosystems in Arizona's sky island region. The project brings together representatives from the UA, the U.S. Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and other southeastern Arizona land managers. Firescape researchers collect extensive data for each mountain range and build interactive maps to allow for a scientifically driven approach to managing fires.

UA Study: Your Brain Sees Things You Don’t

UANews | November 13, 2013
UA doctoral degree candidate Jay Sanguinetti has authored a new study, published online in the journal Psychological Science, that indicates that the brain processes and understands visual input that we may never consciously perceive. The finding challenges currently accepted models about how the brain processes visual information.

UA Computer Scientist Has 'Cloud' in View

UANews | November 13, 2013
Larry Peterson, a preeminent researcher in the areas of computer networks and distributed systems, says the current trend toward cloud computing and more reliance on network-based services is a tremendous opportunity for new breakthroughs in computing. "The cloud is changing the way computing is done and the way that networks are going to be built. We're trying to help it happen in a way that keeps the opportunities for innovation open," he said.