The University of Arizona

Solar Project Receives $1M Grant from Science Foundation Arizona

UANews | December 21, 2010
The funding will support the "energy telescope" project, headed by famed UA astronomer Roger Angel. Through the use of optical mirrors, sunlight is concentrated on high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

Invention Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery, Lessen Harmful Effects of Chemotherapy

UANews | December 20, 2010
An invention by UA researchers may provide a way to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to cancer tissues in controlled doses without harming healthy body cells.

Milestone: A Methane-Metal Marriage

UANews | December 20, 2010
UA scientists have inserted metal atoms into methane gas molecules and obtained a detailed structure of the resulting molecule. The discovery could be a key step in making hydrocarbons available to chemical production and broadening our understanding of how nature uses metals in the molecules of living organisms.

UA Physical Scientist Receives Presidential Recognition

UANews | December 17, 2010
Pamela Nagler, a UA research physical scientist affiliated with the U.S. Geological Survey, has been honored with a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers for her studies of plant water use and water preservation in America's arid western states.

New Fund to Enable More UA Field Trips for Schools

UANews | December 16, 2010
The program directly links teachers in search of funding with donors who will benefit from the state education tax credit. The fund evolved from the UA Science Connection website, a one-stop location for K-12 teachers who want to know about opportunities in the College of Science and other programs on campus.

Grilled Meat + Oregano = Reduced Risks of Cancer, Foodborne Disease

UANews | December 15, 2010
Adding oregano to meat before grilling could reduce the formation of potentially cancer-causing compounds by up to 78 percent, UA researchers have found. The spice also helps inactivate harmful E. coli in the meat.