The University of Arizona

With ‘Google Earth’ for Mars, Explore the Red Planet From Home

UANews | December 7, 2011
A new software tool developed by the HiRISE team in the UA's Lunar and Planetary Lab allows members of the public to download high-resolution images of the Martian landscape almost instantaneously and explore the surface of the Red Planet from their own desktops.

UA-Led Asteroid Mission Wins State Innovation Award

UANews | December 5, 2011
The Arizona Technology Council has named the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory the Innovator of the Year in the academia category for the OSIRIS-REx mission, which will return a sample from an asteroid in 2023. The mission team was recognized during the annual Governor's Celebration of Innovation awards gala.

Economics Professor Weighs Options for Climate Management

UANews | December 2, 2011
Combining policies aimed at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with those aimed at reducing emissions could decrease CO2 concentrations faster than natural processes alone, finds a new study by UA assistant professor of economics Derek Lemoine.

Grant to Fund Development of New Imaging Equipment

UANews | December 1, 2011
Researchers in the UA College of Engineering have been awarded $530,000 to develop equipment designed to strengthen medical imaging of tumors and pathogens and the detection of specific chemicals such as explosives.

UA to Study Jaguar Presence in the Southwest

UANews | November 29, 2011
The UA Wild Cat Research and Conservation Center is initiating three years of monitoring jaguar occurrence and movement in the U.S. borderlands area using cameras and DNA analysis from scat collected in the field. Results will inform future management and conservation practices.

New Center to Advance Movement of Ideas to Market

UANews | November 28, 2011
UA President Eugene G. Sander charged administrators with creating TLA-Tech Launch Arizona, a new technology commercialization center designed to consolidate efforts around moving knowledge and inventions to market.