The University of Arizona

Soap Bubbles Offer Key to Maximizing Efficiency

UANews | February 9, 2011
People seek out shortcuts just about everywhere – in traffic, at grocery stores, in weight loss regimens and on keyboards. But Frank Morgan, an upcoming UA guest speaker, said soap bubbles present the most simple example of heightened efficiency.

UA Experts Determine Age of Book 'Nobody Can Read'

UANews | February 9, 2011
While enthusiasts across the world pored over the Voynich manuscript, one of the most mysterious writings ever found – penned by an unknown author in a language no one understands – a research team at the UA solved one of its biggest mysteries: When was the book made?

UA Engineers Study Birds, Bees to Design Unmanned Vehicles

UANews | February 8, 2011
UA aerospace and mechanical engineers are studying bird and bee flight to develop unmanned vehicles that stay aloft longer and cope with sudden and severe changes in airflow.

Undergraduate Researchers to Present Original Work

UANews | February 7, 2011
UA students will present their research during the UA Honors Research Expo on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Topics will include issues related to human rights, immigration and ways to increase happiness.

UA Study Analyzes Personality Traits of Bullies, Victims

UANews | February 7, 2011
Individuals with a high level of self-compassion were less likely to have been a bully or a victim, finds new research by UA undergraduate Michelle Harris.

Northern Mars Landscape Actively Changing

UANews | February 3, 2011
Sand dunes in a vast area of northern Mars long thought to be frozen in time are changing with both sudden and gradual motions, indicate images from a high-resolution camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The camera is operated by the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.