The University of Arizona

Advanced Medicines From Small Molecules on the Horizon

UANews | September 28, 2010
Collections of new small molecules with the potential to become important in the creation of new medications are under development by three UA researchers thanks to a $1.1 million three-year grant from the National Institutes of Health.

Ocean Viruses: Hidden Movers and Shakers of the Earth System

UANews | September 27, 2010
All but overlooked until the past decade, marine viruses far outnumber any other biological entity on the planet. Scientists are only beginning to discover the invisible particles that are the cogs of Earth's system, changing dynamics in food webs, fisheries, even climate.

Turning Waste Heat Into Power

UANews | September 23, 2010
UA physicists have discovered a new way of harvesting waste heat and turning it into electrical power. Taking advantage of quantum effects, the technology holds great promise for making cars, power plants, factories and solar panels more efficient.

Asteroid Trackers Celebrate Landmark Discovery Anniversary

UANews | September 22, 2010
On Sept. 25, UA planetary scientists will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first automatic discovery of a near-Earth asteroid using computer software.

AIDS Virus Lineage Much Older Than Previously Thought

UANews | September 16, 2010
An ancestor of HIV that infects monkeys is thousands of years older than previously thought, suggesting that HIV, which causes AIDS, is not likely to stop killing humans anytime soon, finds a study by UA and Tulane University researchers.

Paul S. Martin, Pleistocene Extinctions Expert, Dies

UANews | September 16, 2010
Paul S. Martin, the UA geoscientist who developed the idea that overhunting drove North America's large Ice Age mammals extinct, died Sept. 13 at his home in Tucson, Ariz. He was 82.