The University of Arizona

Creating a 'Power-Aware' Internet Infrastructure

UANews | May 16, 2011
UA researchers Beichuan Zhang and Chris Gniady have received a four-year National Science Foundation grant toward moving the Internet's infrastructure from "today's energy-oblivious to tomorrow's energy-efficient."

Guilt, Cooperation Linked by Neural Network

UANews | May 11, 2011
A UA study using economic models backed up by fMRI scans offers new insights on why people choose to cooperate rather than act selfishly. The study appears in the current issue of the neuroscience journal Neuron.

Learning to Learn: We Have an App for That

UANews | May 11, 2011
Students who take Electrical and Computer Engineering 473/573 learn about emerging social technology and how to design applications for smart phones that might be marketable.

Putting Planet Earth Under Glass

UANews | May 11, 2011
"X-Ray Earth," a new National Geographic documentary airing May 15 and May 17, features UA scientists applying new technology to uncover complex processes and their interactions in the Earth's interior, the oceans, on the continents and in the atmosphere.

UA Engineering Robotics Whiz Named Student of the Year

UANews | May 9, 2011
Engineering graduate Matt Bunting received the honor at the Annual Creativity in Electronics awards for his design of a six-legged robot. Now, he's designing a pair of robotic cheetah legs, which he hopes will lead to an attempt to break the robot land speed record.

How Microbes Take Out the Trash

UANews | May 9, 2011
The molecular machinery bacteria use to rid themselves of toxic substances including antimicrobial drugs has been studied in detail by a UA-led team of researchers. A better understanding of these mechanisms could lead to new weapons in the fight against pathogens.