The University of Arizona

UA Algebra Academy Adds New Variables

UANews | July 11, 2011
A new partnership provides UA Secondary Mathematics Education Program students with a hands-on, intensive internship that advances mathematics skills in high school students.

UA Baja Racing Breaks Club Record at Competition

UANews | July 8, 2011
UA Baja Racing placed 21st out of 100 teams in the 2011 international collegiate off-road racing competition, a personal best for the student engineering club.

Flandrau Exhibit Highlights Monsoon Season

UANews | July 6, 2011
In the summer, Tucson thunderstorms provide the best show in town. To mark this time of year, the UA's Flandrau Science Center is offering a temporary exhibit on monsoon weather.

Warming Ocean Layers Will Undermine Polar Ice Sheets

UANews | July 5, 2011
Warming of the ocean's subsurface layers will melt underwater portions of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets faster than previously thought, according to new UA-led research. Such melting would increase the sea level more than already projected.

UA Formula Race Team Completes Grueling Endurance Race

UANews | July 1, 2011
Wildcat Racing, the UA's formula race team, competed recently in a race that tested the solid engineering underlying its car's construction. Each year, club members spend two semesters building a racecar from scratch.

Setting His Sights on Mars

UANews | June 30, 2011
Alfred McEwen, professor of planetary geology at the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and principal investigator of the HiRISE camera orbiting Mars, has received NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal.