The University of Arizona

Electrical and Computer Engineering Celebrates 100 Years

UANews | September 30, 2010
To celebrate its first century, the UA department of electrical and computer engineering has organized a program of events to demonstrate how engineering affects every aspect of our lives. Highlights include an exhibition of planetary exploration rovers, a public lecture series and a gala.

UA Archaeologist, Colleagues Find No Evidence of Catastrophic Impact

UANews | September 30, 2010
UA archaeologist Vance T. Holliday, writing with a colleague in Current Anthropology, finds no evidence to support the theory that a catastrophic comet impact 13,000 years ago led to the sudden demise of Clovis hunters in North America.

How Microbes Eat Rocks

UANews | September 29, 2010
Biosphere 2 researchers received a $424,623 grant from the National Science Foundation to study how plants and microbes interact to chew away on minerals and make new soil.

Advanced Medicines From Small Molecules on the Horizon

UANews | September 28, 2010
Collections of new small molecules with the potential to become important in the creation of new medications are under development by three UA researchers thanks to a $1.1 million three-year grant from the National Institutes of Health.

Ocean Viruses: Hidden Movers and Shakers of the Earth System

UANews | September 27, 2010
All but overlooked until the past decade, marine viruses far outnumber any other biological entity on the planet. Scientists are only beginning to discover the invisible particles that are the cogs of Earth's system, changing dynamics in food webs, fisheries, even climate.

Turning Waste Heat Into Power

UANews | September 23, 2010
UA physicists have discovered a new way of harvesting waste heat and turning it into electrical power. Taking advantage of quantum effects, the technology holds great promise for making cars, power plants, factories and solar panels more efficient.