The University of Arizona

Northern Mars Landscape Actively Changing

UANews | February 3, 2011
Sand dunes in a vast area of northern Mars long thought to be frozen in time are changing with both sudden and gradual motions, indicate images from a high-resolution camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The camera is operated by the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

Putting the Dead to Work for Conservation Biology

UANews | February 3, 2011
The fossil record can help predict which modern species are most vulnerable to changes in the environment, finds research by UA geoscientist Karl W. Flessa and his colleagues.

‘Orchid Children’ Bloom, Wither in Response to Surroundings

UANews | January 31, 2011
A UA-led study backs evidence that some children are more susceptible to adverse environmental factors than others. So-called "orchid children" bloom spectacularly in positive environments but often are at risk in poor home life situations.

First Analysis of Orangutan Genome Yields Surprises

UANews | January 26, 2011
UA assistant professor Ryan Gutenkunst uncovered that Sumatran and Bornean orangutans split off from a common ancestor population much more recently than previously thought.

AAAS to Honor Two UA Faculty Members

UANews | January 25, 2011
Eugene Sander and Rod Wing are among more than 500 researchers named as AAAS Fellows. Sander has built the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences into a nationally known biotechnology center, and Wing is among the world's most acclaimed plant geneticists.

Astro 101: The Last Science Class

UANews | January 24, 2011
UA physicist and educator Ed Prather is improving science education and making the subject stick with students in what could be the last science class they ever take.