The University of Arizona

UA Preparatory Math Goes Virtual

UANews | April 25, 2011
The UA's math department is experimenting with a novel approach to early math instruction – one with a heavy emphasis on technology and peer-to-peer tutoring.

UA Engineers Win Patent for Protein-Based Electronic Circuits

UANews | April 25, 2011
UA engineers have patented a process that could lead to the next big leap in microelectronics, completely changing the way microchips are made. Pierre Deymier, a professor of materials science and engineering, is one of the UA faculty members who invented the process.

More Than Mere Pond Scum

UANews | April 22, 2011
Algae could soon become a valuable biofuel resource, according to research at the UA. More than 300 times as productive a source for renewable energy as corn, algae could be used to make biodiesel to power vehicles and industries – if it can be produced at a low enough cost to be feasible economically.

UA Adds a Leaf to Its Sustainability Portfolio

UANews | April 21, 2011
The UA will receive an all-electric car for its car-sharing fleet on Earth Day – Friday, April 22. Through its partnership with Connect by Hertz, UA employees and students will be able to choose a zero-emissions Nissan Leaf in addition to several fuel-efficient vehicles already available.

UA Students Named Goldwater Scholars

UANews | April 18, 2011
UA students Derek Huang and Ersilia Anghel have been named recipients of Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education awards. The scholarship is one of the nation’s most important awards for top undergraduates in the mathematics, science and engineering disciplines.

At the UA, It's Earth Day All Week Long

UANews | April 14, 2011
Coordinated by the UA's Office of Sustainability, special events include a lecture series, Campus Arboretum tours, open houses, exhibits, film screenings and more. Earth Day is April 22.