The University of Arizona

Who Teaches the Teachers?

UANews | October 4, 2010
The UA's BIO5 Institute is helping K-12 science teachers keep up with the pace of research and innovation. More than 150 science teachers from 34 communities around the state attended a recent event to expand their teaching knowledge.

UA Bioengineer Awarded $1.5M to Research Tissue Regeneration

UANews | October 1, 2010
Pak Kin Wong aims to discover the rules that govern how biological tissues are formed from individual cells. He is investigating how to grow new tissue to replace that destroyed by disease.

Environment Institute Revamps Climate Change Site

UANews | October 1, 2010
The Southwest Climate Change Network website now includes a blog and other features aimed at sparking more discussion and knowledge on climate in the Southwest.

UA Archaeologist, Colleagues Find No Evidence of Catastrophic Impact

UANews | September 30, 2010
UA archaeologist Vance T. Holliday, writing with a colleague in Current Anthropology, finds no evidence to support the theory that a catastrophic comet impact 13,000 years ago led to the sudden demise of Clovis hunters in North America.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Celebrates 100 Years

UANews | September 30, 2010
To celebrate its first century, the UA department of electrical and computer engineering has organized a program of events to demonstrate how engineering affects every aspect of our lives. Highlights include an exhibition of planetary exploration rovers, a public lecture series and a gala.

How Microbes Eat Rocks

UANews | September 29, 2010
Biosphere 2 researchers received a $424,623 grant from the National Science Foundation to study how plants and microbes interact to chew away on minerals and make new soil.