The University of Arizona

UA Statistics Program Head Gains National Accreditation

UANews | February 24, 2011
UA professor Walter W. Piegorsch is one of the first in the nation to gain professional statistician accreditation from the American Statistical Association – a benchmark for the new Graduate Interdisciplanary Program in statistics housed at the BIO5 Institute.

Let There Be Flight

UANews | February 22, 2011
Two sheets of paper, a few strips of sticky tape and two paper clips – that's all UA engineering students had to build a high-soaring paper airplane. The Flight Design Challenge was part of this year's Engineering Week.

Telescope-Building Project Aims to Boost the Sciences

UANews | February 21, 2011
About 350 high school students from Southern Arizona were on campus last week to build telescopes and learn the engineering design process with Raytheon and the UA Office of Early Academic Outreach.

How Nature's Patterns Form

UANews | February 18, 2011
When people on airplanes ask the UA's Alan Newell what he works on, he tells them "flower arrangements." He could also say "fingerprints" or "sand ripples" or "how plants grow." Newell, a mathematics professor, studies patterns in nature, which he said have features that are universal.

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

UANews | February 18, 2011
UA researcher Brian Enquist and his colleagues have discovered the secret of patterns within individual trees that can be used to describe the structure and functioning of the world's forests.

AVATAR Kiosk Designed to Help Law Enforcement at Borders

UANews | February 16, 2011
The AVATAR kiosk uses non-invasive artificial intelligence and sensor technologies developed by the Center for the Management of Information at the Eller College. It's an interactive device designed for use at border crossings and in airports.