The University of Arizona

A Bug Like a Russian Doll

UANews | August 16, 2011
A former UA postdoctoral fellow has discovered amazing relationships between organisms: a bacterium living inside a bacterium living inside an insect. Evolving together, the organisms depend on each other for survival, and each contributes a subset of the enzymes needed in shared metabolic pathways.

Project Could Save UA Thousands of Gallons of Water

UANews | August 16, 2011
Two UA chemical and environmental engineering students have designed a recirculating chilled water system for their lab that could potentially save the University tens of thousands of gallons of water and thousands of kilowatt hours of energy each year.

Organic Photovoltaics: Solar Cells of the Future?

UANews | August 15, 2011
Undergraduate researcher Safatul Islam is a member of a team in the College of Optical Sciences investigating organic photovoltaics, which could lead to improved electronics.

'Smartest Night on TV' Tonight on PBS

UANews | August 10, 2011
Arizona Public Media presents "Big Dreams, Cosmic Journeys," an evening of space-centered programming featuring UA scientists and missions. The shows will air on PBS-HD Channel 6.

Students Offer Community-Based Computer Classes

UANews | August 10, 2011
UA Honors College students have collaborated with graduate students studying computer science to train community members on basic computer skills.

UA Collaborates with The Loft Cinema for 'Science on Screen'

UANews | August 8, 2011
The UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and and the College of Science are collaborating with The Loft Cinema for the inaugural event in their Science on Screen series. The project will pair provocative and thought-provoking films with local experts and scholars.