The University of Arizona

Students Offer Community-Based Computer Classes

UANews | August 10, 2011
UA Honors College students have collaborated with graduate students studying computer science to train community members on basic computer skills.

UA Collaborates with The Loft Cinema for 'Science on Screen'

UANews | August 8, 2011
The UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and and the College of Science are collaborating with The Loft Cinema for the inaugural event in their Science on Screen series. The project will pair provocative and thought-provoking films with local experts and scholars.

Book on Wildfire Policy Research Slated for Fall Release

UANews | August 8, 2011
On the heels of the southwestern region's intense fire season, a new book co-edited by Dean Lueck, a UA agricultural and resource economics professor, is being finalized for its December release.

Briny Water May be at Work in Seasonal Flows on Mars

UANews | August 4, 2011
Dark, finger-like features that appear and extend down some Martian slopes during the warmest months of the Mars year may show activity of salty water. They fade in the winter, then recur the next spring, reports a new UA-led paper in the journal Science.

Summer Blooms Wait on the Rain

UANews | August 2, 2011
UA researchers have found that summer blooms are tied tightly to early and continuous monsoon rains. The connection between monsoon rains and summer flowers is novel for most researchers studying the life cycle events of plants, a field known as phenology.

Summer Research Opportunities Sizzle at the UA

UANews | July 26, 2011
The UA Graduate College is in the middle of its intensive 10-week undergraduate research and career-development program that matches students with UA faculty research mentors to increase the likelihood of acceptance and success in graduate school.