The University of Arizona

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

UANews | February 18, 2011
UA researcher Brian Enquist and his colleagues have discovered the secret of patterns within individual trees that can be used to describe the structure and functioning of the world's forests.

AVATAR Kiosk Designed to Help Law Enforcement at Borders

UANews | February 16, 2011
The AVATAR kiosk uses non-invasive artificial intelligence and sensor technologies developed by the Center for the Management of Information at the Eller College. It's an interactive device designed for use at border crossings and in airports.

Rising Seas Will Affect Major U.S. Coastal Cities by 2100

UANews | February 15, 2011
Rising sea levels could threaten an average of 9 percent of the land within 180 U.S. coastal cities by 2100, according to new research led by UA scientists. The Gulf and southern Atlantic coasts will be particularly hard hit, findings indicate.

New UBRP Grant Marks 20 Years of Continuous Funding

UANews | February 10, 2011
The UA's Undergraduate Biology Research Program has received a grant from the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics in the program's continued effort to train and improve the education of undergraduate researchers in biology-based disciplines.

Springtime Experiences Abound at Mount Lemmon SkyCenter

UANews | February 10, 2011
The UA's Mount Lemmon SkyCenter is offering a variety of public observing events, including companion experiences to the UA College of Science's public lecture series, "Cosmic Origins."

Bile Acids Link High-Fat Diet to Colon Cancer

UANews | February 9, 2011
Bile acids could be the missing link between a high-fat, Western-style diet and colon cancer, UA researchers Carol and Harris Bernstein and their collaborators have discovered.