The University of Arizona

UA Physicists Take New Look at the Atom

UANews | January 14, 2011
UA physicists have discovered a new way to measure how single atoms interact with a surface. Their findings help develop nanotechnology and test new theories about the internal structure of atoms.

Squeezing Sustainable Energy From Thin Air

UANews | January 11, 2011
Energy from compressed air stored underground is cheap, clean and renewable, and could even save lives. Researchers at the UA's School of Sustainable Engineered Systems are designing systems that will run fridges, buildings or power plants.

New Glaucoma Test Allows Earlier, More Accurate Detection

UANews | January 10, 2011
A UA engineer has developed a new instrument that tests for glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness that afflicts more than 4 million Americans. The device makes testing for the disease easier and less invasive.

SkyCenter Partners With National Observatory Group

UANews | January 6, 2011
Through the Sierra Stars Observatory Network, astronomers eventually will be able to get viewing time on the 32-inch telescope atop Mount Lemmon from virtually anywhere in the world.

Moths Tell Us How Organisms Use Resources

UANews | January 6, 2011
Using a one-of-its-kind flight arena, UA entomologist Goggy Davidowitz and his group study how giant hawk moths use energy resources for two of nature's most costly evolutionary traits: flight and reproduction.

Grant Williams Appointed New Director of MMT Observatory

UANews | January 4, 2011
Having served as the observatory's associate director since 2007, Williams' goal is to ensure the telescope remains a competitive tool over the next decade and beyond, serving the interests of both its parent institutions, the UA and the Smithsonian Institution.