The University of Arizona

Probing Atomic Chicken Wire

UANews | February 28, 2011
Graphene, the material that makes up pencil "lead," could someday make electronic devices smaller, faster and more energy-efficient. Providing the first detailed analysis of graphene on boron nitride, a UA-led team of physicists has made promising discoveries.

UA Systems Engineering Pioneer Dies at 84

UANews | February 25, 2011
Professor emeritus Wayne Wymore, who in 1960 founded the world's first academic department of systems engineering at the University of Arizona, died Feb. 24 at age 84. His wake will take place Sunday, Feb. 27, in Tucson.

UA Archaeologists Help Excavate Ancient Site in Alaska

UANews | February 24, 2011
UA anthropology professor Vance Holliday and doctoral student Joshua Reuther were part of a University of Alaska team that uncovered a structure dating back more than 11,000 years. Their story appears in the current issue of the journal Science.

UA Statistics Program Head Gains National Accreditation

UANews | February 24, 2011
UA professor Walter W. Piegorsch is one of the first in the nation to gain professional statistician accreditation from the American Statistical Association – a benchmark for the new Graduate Interdisciplanary Program in statistics housed at the BIO5 Institute.

Let There Be Flight

UANews | February 22, 2011
Two sheets of paper, a few strips of sticky tape and two paper clips – that's all UA engineering students had to build a high-soaring paper airplane. The Flight Design Challenge was part of this year's Engineering Week.

Telescope-Building Project Aims to Boost the Sciences

UANews | February 21, 2011
About 350 high school students from Southern Arizona were on campus last week to build telescopes and learn the engineering design process with Raytheon and the UA Office of Early Academic Outreach.