The University of Arizona

Electron Microprobe Lab Receives $1M Probe

UANews | October 14, 2010
The UA's Electron Microprobe Laboratory recently celebrated the arrival of a prestigious prize – a second electron microprobe. The device can help determine the origin of meteorites, find lost trade routes in the South Pacific and reconstruct movements of soldiers on 19th-century battlefields.

Partnership Expands Learning Opportunities for Interpreters

UANews | October 12, 2010
A collaboration between the UA College of Education and Sorenson Communications is working to advance sign-language interpreter education across the country.

$1.4M Award to Improve Stream Ecosystem Management

UANews | October 11, 2010
The project's goal is to better understand how humans impact the environment in arid region stream corridors and to give stakeholders the knowledge they need to make decisions beneficial for their land and the environment.

Titan’s Haze May Hold Ingredients for Life

UANews | October 7, 2010
Simulating possible chemical processes in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, a UA-led planetary research team found amino acids and nucleotide bases – the most important ingredients of life on Earth.

Who Teaches the Teachers?

UANews | October 4, 2010
The UA's BIO5 Institute is helping K-12 science teachers keep up with the pace of research and innovation. More than 150 science teachers from 34 communities around the state attended a recent event to expand their teaching knowledge.

UA Bioengineer Awarded $1.5M to Research Tissue Regeneration

UANews | October 1, 2010
Pak Kin Wong aims to discover the rules that govern how biological tissues are formed from individual cells. He is investigating how to grow new tissue to replace that destroyed by disease.