The University of Arizona

Cassini Spacecraft Observes Seasonal Rains on Titan

UANews | March 17, 2011
As spring continues to unfold on Saturn, April showers on the planet's largest moon, Titan, have brought methane rain to its equatorial deserts, as revealed in images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. "Titan continues to surprise and amaze us," said the UA's Alfred McEwen.

MESSENGER Spacecraft to Swing Into Orbit Around Mercury

UANews | March 11, 2011
The MESSENGER spacecraft is scheduled to go into orbit around Mercury on March 17. The mission is an effort to study the geologic history, magnetic field, surface composition and other mysteries of the planet. The findings are expected to broaden our understanding of rocky planets in other solar systems.

UA Students to Model High-Speed Tucson-Phoenix Solar Train

UANews | March 11, 2011
A team of UA graduate students will climb aboard a solar-powered bullet train between Tucson and Phoenix this spring – metaphorically, that is. The group is analyzing the conditions under which very high-speed solar-powered rail between the two cities would make economic sense.

UA Engineering Alumnus Picked for AZ Leadership Academy

UANews | March 9, 2011
Neuroscience and entrepreneurship skills developed at the UA helped fortify Patrick Marcus's business acumen. The leadership program is sponsored by the Flinn Foundation and the Thomas R. Brown Foundations.

Targeting Diabetes: New Agents Track Onset of Disease

UANews | March 4, 2011
UA researchers have received a prestigious grant to develop indicator molecules to track the onset of diabetes in patients before the disease develops – potentially paving the way to developing treatments.

Student Group Raising Thousands for Brain Tumor Research

UANews | March 1, 2011
With more than $24,000 already raised, members of Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research are co-hosting a March 5 fashion show to raise even more.