The University of Arizona

Moths Tell Us How Organisms Use Resources

UANews | January 6, 2011
Using a one-of-its-kind flight arena, UA entomologist Goggy Davidowitz and his group study how giant hawk moths use energy resources for two of nature's most costly evolutionary traits: flight and reproduction.

SkyCenter Partners With National Observatory Group

UANews | January 6, 2011
Through the Sierra Stars Observatory Network, astronomers eventually will be able to get viewing time on the 32-inch telescope atop Mount Lemmon from virtually anywhere in the world.

Grant Williams Appointed New Director of MMT Observatory

UANews | January 4, 2011
Having served as the observatory's associate director since 2007, Williams' goal is to ensure the telescope remains a competitive tool over the next decade and beyond, serving the interests of both its parent institutions, the UA and the Smithsonian Institution.

Another Space Shot From UA Astronomer

UANews | January 3, 2011
UA SkyCenter's Adam Block began the new year with a milestone 50th image of space. Block's photos are taken with the SkyCenter's telescope at the 9,157-foot top of Mount Lemmon near Tucson.

Science Advisor to the U.S. EPA to Speak in Tucson

UANews | December 23, 2010
Paul Anastas, the science advisor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is slated to speak in Tucson to industry, academic leaders on sustainability innovations.

Solar Project Receives $1M Grant from Science Foundation Arizona

UANews | December 21, 2010
The funding will support the "energy telescope" project, headed by famed UA astronomer Roger Angel. Through the use of optical mirrors, sunlight is concentrated on high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.