The University of Arizona

Focus on Fuels: Developing Sustainable Biofuel Crops

UANews | March 24, 2011
Scientists and engineers are on a mission to develop sustainable agricultural biofuel field crops for Arizona and the desert Southwest – crops that will fuel a new industry as well as America's engines.

Innovation Day to Showcase UA Research

UANews | March 23, 2011
The UA will host its eighth annual Innovation Day on Tuesday, March 29. The event celebrates the UA's success in technology development and innovation by highlighting the research achievements of students and staff and faculty members.

UA College of Science to Hold Public Forum on Japan Disaster

UANews | March 22, 2011
The UA College of Science is sponsoring a free public forum that will provide insights into the science shaping the events unfolding in Japan as a result of the earthquake on March 11. The forum will be held Tuesday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m. in Centennial Hall on the UA campus.

UA Testing Smart Traffic System to Reduce First Responder Deaths

UANews | March 22, 2011
UA researchers have teamed up with the Maricopa County Department of Transportation to create a system that will make intersections safer for emergency responders and the general public.

Want to Silence a Gene? Pull Here.

UANews | March 18, 2011
Simply stretching DNA can silence a gene, scientists at the UA have discovered. The finding could point to a previously unknown gene control mechanism and offers the potential to manipulate gene expression in miniaturized applications used in drug discovery or other biotechnological processes.

Cassini Spacecraft Observes Seasonal Rains on Titan

UANews | March 17, 2011
As spring continues to unfold on Saturn, April showers on the planet's largest moon, Titan, have brought methane rain to its equatorial deserts, as revealed in images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. "Titan continues to surprise and amaze us," said the UA's Alfred McEwen.