The University of Arizona

Japan's Big Event - Before and After

UANews | March 30, 2011
A UA ScienceNow forum focused on the devastation in Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. A five-member panel discussed the seismic activity, nuclear reactor technology, radioactive particles as well as health implications.

UA Students Develop Mobile Apps, Games

UANews | March 29, 2011
Four UA computer science students who started out taking an introductory program now are developing applications and games for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Aerospace Reps to Researchers: Collaborate for Strength

UANews | March 28, 2011
About 150 researchers from three universities and representatives from more than two dozen of Arizona's aerospace and defense industries met on campus late last week to compare projects and gain insight into future technological needs for aerospace and defense.

Wind Can Keep Mountains From Growing

UANews | March 28, 2011
Wind is a much more powerful force in the evolution of mountains than previously thought, according to a UA-led research team. The researchers studied gigantic wind-formed ridges of rock called yardangs that are found in Central Asia.

Focus on Fuels: Developing Sustainable Biofuel Crops

UANews | March 24, 2011
Scientists and engineers are on a mission to develop sustainable agricultural biofuel field crops for Arizona and the desert Southwest – crops that will fuel a new industry as well as America's engines.

Innovation Day to Showcase UA Research

UANews | March 23, 2011
The UA will host its eighth annual Innovation Day on Tuesday, March 29. The event celebrates the UA's success in technology development and innovation by highlighting the research achievements of students and staff and faculty members.