The University of Arizona

Making Blood-Sucking Deadly for Mosquitoes

UANews | July 15, 2011
Inhibiting a molecular process cells use to direct proteins to their proper destinations causes more than 90 percent of affected mosquitoes to die within 48 hours of blood feeding, a UA team of biochemists found.

Rising Oceans - Too Late to Turn the Tide?

UANews | July 14, 2011
Melting ice sheets contributed much more to rising sea levels than thermal expansion of warming ocean waters during the Last Interglacial Period, a UA-led team of researchers has found. The results further suggest that ocean levels continue to rise long after warming of the atmosphere levels off.

Experimenting in a Weightless Laboratory

UANews | July 14, 2011
Two teams from the UA are preparing experiments to test aboard NASA's zero-gravity aircraft this week as part of NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program.

‘Unofficial 100th KEYS Student' has a Knack for Research

UANews | July 13, 2011
The Keep Engaging Youth in Science program connects Arizona high school students with UA researchers and staff, helping them to gain a better understading of the world of research, and their place in it.

UA Student Named Honor Society Laureate

UANews | July 13, 2011
Jonathan Gross, who combined his passions for computer engineering and piano, has been recognized nationally by the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi.

Astronomer Tom Gehrels, 1925-2011

UANews | July 12, 2011
In a career that spanned more than half a century, Gehrels fostered new research on asteroids and comets, including those that pose a threat to Earth.