The University of Arizona

Treated Biosolids Safe for Agricultural Uses

UANews | November 1, 2010
A 19-year UA study shows that the end product of municipally treated wastewater is generally free of pathogenic organisms that might harm humans or the environment. Biosolids are used as fertilizer across a variety of agricultural activities.

UA Professor Advised Developers of New Video Game

UANews | October 29, 2010

Diana Liverman, who co-directs the UA's Institute of the Environment, served as an adviser for Fate of the World, a newly released video game that gives players the option to save or destroy the world in the face of adverse global climate change.   

UA HiRISE Camera Links Fresh Mars Gullies to Carbon Dioxide

UANews | October 29, 2010
A growing bounty of images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveals that the timing of new activity in one type of the enigmatic gullies on Mars implicates carbon dioxide frost, rather than water, as the agent causing fresh flows.

New UA Corporation to Advance Commercialization of Research Discoveries

UANews | October 28, 2010
The UA is creating a non-profit corporation to better handle technology transfer functions and bring research-generated ideas to market.

Two UA Geoscientists Honored at Geological Society Meeting

UANews | October 28, 2010
George Gehrels' research focuses on the evolution of mountain belts and on developing methods of determining the age of rocks and minerals. George Davis has studied the formation of the Basin and Range region of the U.S., including the Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona.

Optical Scientists Perfect Telescope Mirrors With $1.35M Award

UANews | October 27, 2010
UA professors Jim Burge and Bob Parks and their colleagues are perfecting measurement techniques to make sure mirrors such as those in the Hubble Space Telescope produce clear images.