The University of Arizona

Optical Scientists Perfect Telescope Mirrors With $1.35M Award

UANews | October 27, 2010
UA professors Jim Burge and Bob Parks and their colleagues are perfecting measurement techniques to make sure mirrors such as those in the Hubble Space Telescope produce clear images.

UA Project Works to Improve Infant Hearing Testing

UANews | October 26, 2010
Barbara Cone, a professor in the UA's speech, language and hearing sciences department, is leading a team researching ways to improve diagnostic testing of  hearing loss in infants.

UA Engineer Designs Better Error-Correction Code

UANews | October 25, 2010
One company already has licensed the technology from the UA, and patents are pending to meet growing computer industry demand for the error-correction algorithm developed by Bane Vasić.

Arizona's Largest Public-Only Telescope Now at UA's SkyCenter

UANews | October 22, 2010
Featuring a primary mirror 32 inches in diameter, the new Schulman telescope forms the centerpiece of the SkyCenter's successful public outreach programs drawing visitors from all over the country to the clear skies atop Mt. Lemmon.

Prestigious EPA Fellowships Go to Two UA Graduate Students

UANews | October 22, 2010
Henry Adams and Daniel Griffin, two UA students pursuing graduate degrees, have been named among 121 students in the nation to earn STAR fellowships from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

UA Scientist Alumni Reminisce About Homecomings Past

UANews | October 21, 2010
UANews asked scientist faculty members who also graduated from the UA about their memories of Homecoming, the differences from today and ideally how they would like to see the University celebrate.