The University of Arizona

Lifting Space Exploration to New Heights

UANews | October 20, 2011
A new space telescope designed to peer into the inner reaches of far-away solar systems and a balloon riding the jet stream 120,000 feet above ground are two UA research proposals selected by NASA for further evaluation as potential future science missions.

UApresents, Environment Institute Collaborate on Climate Panel

UANews | October 19, 2011
UApresents, the UA's professional performing arts presenter, and the UA Institute of the Environment are partnering to present "Vanishing Islands: Culture and Climate Change," a panel event on Oct. 21 designed to foster awareness, discussion and action about the global impact of climate change.

Biosphere 2 Dedicates Lectures to Memory of Michael J. Drake

UANews | October 19, 2011
The UA Biosphere 2 continues its successful Let's Talk Science! lecture series for visitors to the facility. The talks, which begin Oct. 22, are designed to increase the public's understanding of science topics. The series is dedicated to Regents' Professor Michael J. Drake, who died recently.

UA Researchers Get $3M Grant to Improve Robot Intelligence

UANews | October 18, 2011
Algorithms provide the foundation for much of our computer-mediated world. But a team of UA computer scientists led by Paul Cohen is working under a five-year, $3 million federal grant to develop a robot that relies less on human programming and more on its own learning.

'Mathemagician' to Speak Monday at UA

UANews | October 14, 2011
Arthur Benjamin, a professor at Harvey Mudd College, will present a performance that merges mathematics and magic. His Oct. 17 presentation at the UA is free and open to all.

Turning Arizona's Dry Heat Into a Comfy Chill

UANews | October 13, 2011
An innovative solar-thermal heating and cooling system installed on top of the UA's Student Recreation Center is expected to harvest almost two million kilowatt hours of solar energy per year.