The University of Arizona

New Insect Birth Control Strategy Zaps Cotton Pests

UANews | November 8, 2010
Combining genetically engineered cotton plants that kill caterpillars and the controlled release of sterile moths from airplanes has produced a new and highly successful approach to dramatically reducing pesticide use and crop damage, a UA-led study has shown.

UA Optics Students Receive Scholarships from International Firm

UANews | November 8, 2010
Hacène Chaouch and Kevin Newman of the UA's College of Optical Sciences have received scholarships from an international optics laser company to follow their passion for research and development in the field.

Laser Lecture Series Set to Begin

UANews | November 5, 2010
The Laser Lecture Series, beginning Monday, Nov. 8, at the Flandrau Science Center as part of the Laserfest exhibit, will highlight laser connections and research at the UA. Speakers will include a Nobel laureate, a hologram expert and a laser light scientist.

UA Awarded $1.6M for New Mine Safety Center

UANews | November 5, 2010
A consortium of three UA colleges has received a three-year grant of $1.6 million to set up the Western Mining Safety and Health Training Resource Center. Its members will address mining safety and health training issues unique to the West.

Moving Holograms: From Science Fiction to Reality

UANews | November 3, 2010
A team led by the UA's Nasser Peyghambarian has developed a new type of holographic telepresence that allows the projection of a three-dimensional moving image without the need for special eyewear such as 3D glasses or other auxiliary devices.

UA Part of Multi-Million Dollar Initiative to Improve Internet

UANews | November 2, 2010
Beichuan Zhang, a UA assistant professor of computer science, is part of a team receiving up to $8 million from the National Science Foundation to investigate ways to revolutionize the Internet's architecture.