The University of Arizona

UA is Top University Contributing to Global Planetary Exploration Research

UANews | May 27, 2011

Ranking number three in scientific citations behind NASA and JPL, the UA closely follows what are the  world's largest players in spacecraft design, construction, launch and science operations, according to a Thomson Reuters database.

UA Faculty Member Earns Humboldt Fellowship

UANews | May 26, 2011
UA faculty member Stephen Kobourov has earned the Humboldt Research Fellowship, which will fund an 18-month research stint in Germany.

NASA Selects UA-Led Mission to Collect Sample From Asteroid

UANews | May 25, 2011
The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will orbit and explore asteroid 1999 RQ36 for more than a year before closing in and collecting a sample of pristine organic material that may have seeded Earth with the building blocks that led to life. The mission is budgeted for approximately $800 million, excluding the launch vehicle.

UA, Sandia Labs to Partner on Environment Research

UANews | May 24, 2011
A new partnership between the UA and Sandia National Laboratories is expected to drive deeper investigation into the relationships among energy, water, climate and sustainability research.

UA Researchers Tout Solar Energy at National Summit

UANews | May 23, 2011
A federally funded consortium headed by the UA's Neal Armstrong is part of the race to develop cost-efficient solar electricity. His group is one of nearly four dozen centers around the country studying energy solutions for the future.

Ants Give New Evidence for Interaction Networks

UANews | May 20, 2011
Social networks may function differently than previously thought, UA scientists have discovered by taking clues from ant colonies. The research has applications in building networks that, for example, could help prevent the spread of disease.