The University of Arizona

Record Number of UA Students, Grads Offered Fulbrights

UANews | September 23, 2011
The UA has set a new record this year with 16 students and recent graduates being offered Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships. This year's class has the largest number of UA recipients to date.

New Views of an Ancient Asteroid

UANews | September 23, 2011
In preparation for OSIRIS-REx, the first U.S.-led sample return mission to an asteroid, astronomers want to get as many observations of 1999 RQ36 as possible before the asteroid heads away from Earth and beyond view for ground-based and space telescopes for the next six years.

What's so Unique About the Tropics?

UANews | September 22, 2011
Despite decades of research, scientists still have a hard time getting a grip on explaining why the tropics tend to be richer in species than higher latitudes. A new study published in the journal Science gives ecologists a new tool to separate sampling bias from true differences in biodiversity.

Regents' Professor Michael J. Drake, 1946-2011

UANews | September 21, 2011
Under Michael J. Drake's leadership, the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory grew from a small group of geologists and astronomers into an international powerhouse of research into the solar system.

Bugs on the UA Mall

UANews | September 19, 2011
The UA's first Arizona Insect Festival will offer exhibits and activities for everyone. The Sept. 24 event – one of many things to do on campus during Family Weekend – is free and will highlight the many ways that insects impact our lives.

PipeMedic: Industrial Surgery for Failing Infrastructure

UANews | September 15, 2011
A UA engineering professor's invention helps fix failing pipes that can lead to ruptures that threaten life and property. PipeMedic uses carbon and glass laminates to repair and replace pipelines.