The University of Arizona

Researchers Reap a Sweet and Sustainable Harvest

UANews | November 15, 2011
UA researchers recently harvested 40 acres of experimental sweet sorghum at the UA's Red Rock Agricultural Research Center. Known as the sugarcane of the desert, sweet sorghum could be a sustainable and ecological future biofuel crop for Arizona.

Grant Funds Study on Childhood Asthma, Pollutants

UANews | November 10, 2011
UA environmental engineer Paloma Beamer has been awarded $666,000 to study the connection between environmental pollutants and the development of respiratory disease in children.

Close Encounter of the Rocky Kind

UANews | November 4, 2011
Discovered by a UA astronomer six years ago, a city-block-sized asteroid will race past the Earth on Nov. 8 in what will be the closest encounter of an object of this size in more than 60 years.

Coming Soon to a Server Near You: Fewer Internet Delays

UANews | November 3, 2011
Researchers at the UA-led Center for Integrated Access Networks, the largest optical research center in the U.S., are developing methods to improve transmission speed, efficiency and reliability of Internet content, including everything from cell phone calls or texts to emails and television.

UA Scientists Find Evidence of Roman Period Megadrought

UANews | November 3, 2011
A new study at the UA's Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research has confirmed the existence of a multi-decade drought period in the second century A.D. The findings give evidence that extended periods of aridity have occurred at intervals throughout our past.

UA Wide Receiver Balances Football, Engineering Studies

UANews | November 2, 2011
Wildcats wide receiver David Roberts is an aerospace engineering senior, balancing his studies in a tough major with football. He earned UA Student Athlete of the Month honors in 2009 and was named offensive player of the week in 2010, along with getting As in his classes.