The University of Arizona

Briny Water May be at Work in Seasonal Flows on Mars

UANews | August 4, 2011
Dark, finger-like features that appear and extend down some Martian slopes during the warmest months of the Mars year may show activity of salty water. They fade in the winter, then recur the next spring, reports a new UA-led paper in the journal Science.

Summer Blooms Wait on the Rain

UANews | August 2, 2011
UA researchers have found that summer blooms are tied tightly to early and continuous monsoon rains. The connection between monsoon rains and summer flowers is novel for most researchers studying the life cycle events of plants, a field known as phenology.

Summer Research Opportunities Sizzle at the UA

UANews | July 26, 2011
The UA Graduate College is in the middle of its intensive 10-week undergraduate research and career-development program that matches students with UA faculty research mentors to increase the likelihood of acceptance and success in graduate school.

UA Researchers Develop Prototype to Detect Fake Websites

UANews | July 25, 2011
For their work on detecting fake websites, a UA Eller College of Management research team and a UA alumnus have earned MIS Quarterly's top award for 2010. Being able to readily detect a site's validity is crucial, given the pervasive nature of online phishing scams.

Sea Squirt Cells Shed Light on Cancer Development

UANews | July 25, 2011
Specialized structures that cancer cells use to invade tissue also could help them escape protection mechanisms aimed at eliminating them, a UA-led research team has discovered. The findings may change the way scientists look at cancer formation and offer new targets for cancer therapies.

UA Engineer Picked for National Recognition

UANews | July 20, 2011
Armin Sorooshian, an assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the UA, is among 85 engineers across the nation selected to participate in the invitation-only Frontiers of Engineering symposium. Sorooshian studies atmospheric aerosol particles.