The University of Arizona

UA Student's Summer Agenda: Underwater Robotics

UANews | June 28, 2011
UA mechanical and electrical engineering senior Edwardo Moreno will spend this summer building and testing underwater robots he designed for use in underwater exploration or national defense.

Biosphere 2 to Have a Permanent Home With the UA

UANews | June 27, 2011
Beginning July 1, the Biosphere 2 facility in Oracle, Ariz. will become official property of the UA. CDO Ranching & Development will donate real estate and facilities, and the Philecology Foundation will provide $20 million to support ongoing science and operations.

UA Student Robotic Rover Team Among Best in Nation

UANews | June 24, 2011
UA engineering students designed and built a planetary rover and demonstrated its capabilities recently at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. The team received $10,000 to partake in the competition, requiring the rover to negotiate obstacles and traverse difficult terrain.

UA Awarded Millions to Shape Solar Telescope Mirror

UANews | June 22, 2011
The UA College of Optical Sciences has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to polish the 4.2-meter primary mirror for the world's largest solar telescope. Researchers will produce a surface that will allow scientists to view features on the sun in unprecedented detail.

Engineering Sculpture Tells Many Stories

UANews | June 21, 2011
Wondering about that odd-looking bronze sculpture outside Old Engineering? It's called a bent, the official symbol of Tau Beta Pi, the oldest engineering honor society in the U.S. The one here has an interesting history.

Putting a New Spin on Computing

UANews | June 20, 2011
Harnessing the magnetic moment, or spin, of electrons rather than their electric charge, physicists at the UA have achieved a breakthrough toward the development of a new breed of computing devices that can process data using less power.