The University of Arizona

New Center to Advance Movement of Ideas to Market

UANews | November 28, 2011
UA President Eugene G. Sander charged administrators with creating TLA-Tech Launch Arizona, a new technology commercialization center designed to consolidate efforts around moving knowledge and inventions to market.

How the Brain Strings Words Into Sentences

UANews | November 23, 2011
Distinct neural pathways are important for different aspects of language processing, UA researchers have discovered, studying patients with language impairments caused by neurodegenerative diseases.

Give Back the Grease

UANews | November 22, 2011
Leftover cooking grease from Thanksgiving will be recycled into biodiesel through a partnership involving the UA's department of agricultural and biosystems engineering and a company run by UA graduates.

At a Loss for Words

UANews | November 18, 2011
The National Institutes of Health have awarded the UA's Aphasia Research Project in the department of speech, language and hearing sciences a $2 million grant to research communication impairments in adults who have suffered brain injury.

Researchers Reap a Sweet and Sustainable Harvest

UANews | November 15, 2011
UA researchers recently harvested 40 acres of experimental sweet sorghum at the UA's Red Rock Agricultural Research Center. Known as the sugarcane of the desert, sweet sorghum could be a sustainable and ecological future biofuel crop for Arizona.

Grant Funds Study on Childhood Asthma, Pollutants

UANews | November 10, 2011
UA environmental engineer Paloma Beamer has been awarded $666,000 to study the connection between environmental pollutants and the development of respiratory disease in children.