The University of Arizona

A Little Halloween Love for Bats

UANews | October 29, 2014
Yes, they have an image problem, but give them credit for saving cotton farmers millions of dollars in crop damage and insecticide costs. However, their role in pest control is changing, a UA scientist says.

Tech Park Celebrates Solar Zone Milestone

UANews | October 29, 2014
Facility that occupies 165 acres of land at the UA Tech Park in southeastern Tucson had 10 participants in its first phase.

Research Uses DNA to Study Key Events in Plant Evolution

UANews | October 28, 2014
An international research collaboration involving UA scientists and cyberinfrastructure provided by the iPlant Collaborative, based in part at the UA, has used DNA to look back in time at important turning points in plant evolution.

Little Big Discovery: Microbe Seen as Key to Climate Change

UANews | October 23, 2014
Global warming is supported by the tiniest of details in the soil of northern Sweden, a UA-led international team of researchers finds. And that has implications for the future.

New Radio Telescope Ready to Probe

UANews | October 20, 2014
The UA is the only university in the continental U.S. with one, and the state-of-the-art system has received first "light."

A Wildcat Amid the Wild's Big Cats

UANews | October 20, 2014
UA graduate student Thandiwe Mweetwa studies lions in her native Zambia, hoping to preserve their dwindling numbers.