The University of Arizona

Eight From UA Contribute to National Climate Change Report

UANews | May 6, 2014
Eight UA researchers helped produce a comprehensive national assessment of climate change, released this week by the White House, which found that the Southwest is particularly vulnerable as more wildfires increase risks to local communities and water supply becomes less reliable in some areas.

Robotic Lawn Mower, Drones to be Showcased During UA Engineering Design Day

UANews | April 30, 2014
In a dazzling display of talent and technology, more than 350 undergraduate engineering students will showcase innovations at the 2014 UA College of Engineering Design Day next week.

Playing Pool with Carbon Atoms

UANews | April 30, 2014
A discovery by UA researchers brings graphene – thin layers of pencil lead – one step closer to replacing silicon in future applications that would result in faster and smaller microprocessors.

Mystery of 1918 Pandemic Flu Virus Solved by UA Researchers

UANews | April 28, 2014
UA researchers have solved the mystery of the 1918 pandemic flu virus' origin and why it was so deadly. The discovery could influence future vaccine design and pandemic prevention.

Top NASA Fellowship Winners Head to the UA to Pursue Their Research

UANews | April 23, 2014
For the first time, the UA has attracted postdoctoral research fellows from NASA's top three fellowship programs.They chose the UA as their research home base because of its advanced astronomical studies and access to the world's best telescopes and instruments.

UA Researcher and Colleagues Discover the Birthplace of the Chili Pepper

UANews | April 21, 2014
The chili pepper is used in cuisines around the globe, but it was born in what is now Mexico. UA researchers have discovered it was first cultivated throughout the region more than 6,500 years ago.