The University of Arizona

UA Scientist, Kavli Laureate Meets With President Obama

UANews | June 7, 2011
Roger Angel, director of the UA Steward Observatory Mirror Lab and Regents' Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences, met with President Barack Obama this week at the White House. Angel joined fellow Kavli Laureates for the meeting.

Industry Helps Students Reanimate Robotic Mine Vehicles

UANews | June 3, 2011
In just 10 weeks, UA engineering students took five crates of surplus hardware and two heavy-duty test vehicles, which didn't run, and mixed them with youthful enthusiasm, tenacity and many long hours to build a couple of robotic vehicles that recently drove themselves around the UA's test mine.

At UA, Industry Enables Education

UANews | June 3, 2011
Tucson Embedded Systems played a key role in student efforts to resurrect two autonomous mine vehicles last semester in ENGR 450/550. The company donated an 8,000-square-foot lab space complete with vehicle hoist, and it provided racks, flat benches, power strips, cleaning agents and other supplies.

Astronauts, Students Connect at UA Lunar and Planetary Lab

UANews | May 31, 2011
Students from Gridley Middle School in Tucson got a 30-minute window to ask questions about life in space.

Saving Wildlife With Forensic Genetics

UANews | May 27, 2011
Using forensic genetics techniques, the UA's Conservation Genetics Lab is working to protect wild animals and catch the criminals in cases of wildlife crime.

UA Awarded $2.95M to Study Monsoon Ecology

UANews | May 27, 2011
The National Science Foundation has awarded almost $3 million to better understand the highly complex processes by which the North American monsoon influences ecosystems and natural cycles.