The University of Arizona

UA Engineer Picked for National Recognition

UANews | July 20, 2011
Armin Sorooshian, an assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the UA, is among 85 engineers across the nation selected to participate in the invitation-only Frontiers of Engineering symposium. Sorooshian studies atmospheric aerosol particles.

Zero-Gravity Student Experiments Completed in Houston

UANews | July 19, 2011
Two teams of UA students took to the sky in NASA's zero-gravity aircraft last week, completing tests involving research projects on liquid lenses and the formation of organic compounds.

New UA Agriculture, Life Sciences Dean Chosen

UANews | July 18, 2011
Shane C. Burgess, who leads veterinary research at Mississippi State University and has worked around the world, succeeds Eugene G. Sander as dean of the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Burgess has a prolific research portfolio that spans a range of biological sciences.

Making Blood-Sucking Deadly for Mosquitoes

UANews | July 15, 2011
Inhibiting a molecular process cells use to direct proteins to their proper destinations causes more than 90 percent of affected mosquitoes to die within 48 hours of blood feeding, a UA team of biochemists found.

Rising Oceans - Too Late to Turn the Tide?

UANews | July 14, 2011
Melting ice sheets contributed much more to rising sea levels than thermal expansion of warming ocean waters during the Last Interglacial Period, a UA-led team of researchers has found. The results further suggest that ocean levels continue to rise long after warming of the atmosphere levels off.

Experimenting in a Weightless Laboratory

UANews | July 14, 2011
Two teams from the UA are preparing experiments to test aboard NASA's zero-gravity aircraft this week as part of NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program.