The University of Arizona

Hubble to Target 'Hot Jupiters'

UANews | August 19, 2011
An international team of astronomers led by a former UA graduate student has set out on the largest program yet to explore the alien atmospheres of "Hot Jupiters" – massive planets in solar systems far away from our own.

Project Could Save UA Thousands of Gallons of Water

UANews | August 16, 2011
Two UA chemical and environmental engineering students have designed a recirculating chilled water system for their lab that could potentially save the University tens of thousands of gallons of water and thousands of kilowatt hours of energy each year.

A Bug Like a Russian Doll

UANews | August 16, 2011
A former UA postdoctoral fellow has discovered amazing relationships between organisms: a bacterium living inside a bacterium living inside an insect. Evolving together, the organisms depend on each other for survival, and each contributes a subset of the enzymes needed in shared metabolic pathways.

Organic Photovoltaics: Solar Cells of the Future?

UANews | August 15, 2011
Undergraduate researcher Safatul Islam is a member of a team in the College of Optical Sciences investigating organic photovoltaics, which could lead to improved electronics.

'Smartest Night on TV' Tonight on PBS

UANews | August 10, 2011
Arizona Public Media presents "Big Dreams, Cosmic Journeys," an evening of space-centered programming featuring UA scientists and missions. The shows will air on PBS-HD Channel 6.

Students Offer Community-Based Computer Classes

UANews | August 10, 2011
UA Honors College students have collaborated with graduate students studying computer science to train community members on basic computer skills.