The University of Arizona

Watching a Star Explode

UANews | March 22, 2012
NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day for March 22 features a massive star explosion in galaxy M95 taken by Adam Block of the UA's Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter. What appears to be an extra-bright star in one of the galaxy's spiral arms actually is the light flash of a supernova.

'Runner's High' Played a Role in Human Evolution

UANews | March 22, 2012
Runners often extol the virtues of the "runner's high." Now, a team of researchers led by the UA's David Raichlen suggests the feeling could have evolved to motivate us to exercise as part of our early long-distance endurance nomadic lifestyle.

Fund Gives Green Light to Sustainability

UANews | March 21, 2012
UA students on the Green Fund Committee have awarded nearly $400,000 to 16 student-led or student collaborative projects that promote sustainability on and off campus. The projects increase the usage of renewable energy, improve energy or water efficiency and reduce waste.

UA Graduate Programs Reach National Heights

UANews | March 20, 2012
The UA's graduate program in geology remains No. 1 in the nation on the 2013 U.S. News & World Report's annual list of Best Graduate Schools. Several UA programs in a variety of colleges rank in the top 10.

Popular Solar System Orbits Result in 'Planet Pileups'

UANews | March 19, 2012
In young solar systems emerging around baby stars, some orbits are more popular than others, resulting in "planet pileups" and "planet deserts," researchers from the UA and the University of Leicester have discovered.

Mesquite Trees Displacing Southwestern Grasslands

UANews | March 19, 2012
Mesquite trees and woody shrubs are better adapted than grasslands to a Southwestern climate predicted to shift toward higher temperatures and greater variability in rainfall, UA ecologists have discovered.