The University of Arizona

UA Program Promotes Smart Water Use in Arizona and Beyond

UANews | August 13, 2014
The UA’s Conserve2Enhance program is helping people save millions of gallons of water across the desert Southwest, and giving them the option to donate their water bill savings to support green projects in their communities.

Transformational Gift to McKnight Brain Institute Launches Matching Campaign

UANews | August 13, 2014
A $5 million gift from the McKnight Brain Research Foundation and the matching contributions will help the UA to play a prominent role in the emerging field of neuroscience.

Through Innovative Partnership, 'Hot Shot' Team Tackles Yuma Produce Perils

UANews | August 11, 2014
The UA's new Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture will provide Yuma-area growers with real-time science and information to quickly address challenges in desert agriculture.

UA Optics at Heart of Telescope Poised to Catch the Action in the Universe

UANews | August 6, 2014
The National Science Foundation has agreed to fund the construction of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, which is built around a revolutionary optical mirror setup designed at the UA. The instrument will scan large swaths of the night sky, and capture images of exploding stars, passing asteroids and other short-lived phenomena in the cosmos.

Galápagos Hawks Hand Down Lice Like Family Heirlooms, Study Finds

UANews | August 6, 2014
Studying Galápagos hawks and their lice, a UA-led research team provides some of the first field evidence for co-divergence between parasites and hosts as a major driver of biodiversity. Among the findings: As the birds diversify into distinct populations on each island, their parasites diversify with them.

Breathing Deeply – and Safely – After a Fire

UANews | July 31, 2014
UA researchers are working to ensure that firefighters can breathe safely when cleaning up from a fire by improving the breathing apparatuses they and other first responders use to protect themselves from dangerous gases that can be emitted after a blaze is extinguished.