The University of Arizona

UA Launches Defense and Security Research Institute

UANews | March 10, 2014
The UA has launched a new Defense and Security Research Institute that aims to expand the University's strengths in those areas while helping the UA to reach its goal of doubling research expenditures from $600 million to $1.2 billion by 2023. The interdisciplinary institute will help pave the way for new, mutually beneficial partnerships between the UA and industry, which is one of the key goals of the University's Never Settle plan.

Discovery of Microbe Hiding in Permafrost Raises Concerns About Future

UANews | March 6, 2014
Scientists have discovered a type of methane-producing microbe blooming as permafrost soils are thawing due to a warming planet. The discovery has researchers concerned about massive amounts of greenhouse gases being released in the future as warming continues.

UA's Water RAPIDS Program Creates Collaborative 'Atlas' to Address Water Scarcity

UANews | March 5, 2014
In the Upper Gila Watershed, drought conditions are having serious effects. Wells are going dry and farmers are planting fewer crops. As part of efforts to help the area plan for a sustainable future water supply, the UA's Water RAPIDS program helped develop an informative "atlas" of knowledge on the watershed, charting its history and changing conditions to help inform future planning.

A Small Step Toward Discovering Habitable Earths

UANews | March 4, 2014
For the first time, UA astronomers have used the same imaging technology found in a digital camera to take a picture of a planet far from our solar system with an Earth-based telescope. The accomplishment is a small step toward the technology astronomers will need in order to characterize planets suitable for harboring life.

Turning Tucson Green: UA Student-Run Composting Program Partners With City

UANews | March 4, 2014
Compost Cats, a UA student-run organization, has partnered with the city of Tucson to reduce food waste in area landfills, improve local air quality, address climate change and help improve food safety. Among other things, the agreement calls for Compost Cats to be provided with manure from herbivores at Reid Park Zoo.

A First for Arizona: UA Regents' Professor Elected as Foreign Secretary of National Academy of Sciences

UANews | March 3, 2014
As foreign secretary, Regents' Professor John Hildebrand will help build and maintain partnerships with science academies across the world. Hildebrand was selected for the position based on his extensive experience in the global science community, his outstanding scientific contributions and his service to the academy.