The University of Arizona

The All-Seeing Eyes of OSIRIS-REx

UANews | August 12, 2015
Building on the UA's heritage and expertise in spaceflight hardware, the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory has produced three cameras that are ready to install on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

Astronomers Discover 'Young Jupiter' Exoplanet

UANews | August 12, 2015
An international team of scientists, including the UA's Travis Barman and Katie Morzinski, has discovered a new exoplanet using the latest planet-hunting tool, the Gemini Planet Imager.

UA Part of NSF-Funded Urban Water Initiative

UANews | August 12, 2015
Urban planning professor Gary Pivo of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture will serve as deputy director of the national Urban Water Innovation Network.

Center for Innovation Launches 7 Startups

UANews | August 10, 2015
Two of the companies, Edible Optics and AgentSage, were begun by current or former UA students, and a third features technology invented by a UA professor. The Arizona Center for Innovation is at the UA Tech Park.

Land Animals Proliferate Faster Than Aquatic Counterparts

UANews | August 6, 2015
New analyses of vertebrate groups performed by UA evolutionary biologist John Wiens may help explain biodiversity patterns throughout the animal kingdom.

Brain Parasite Not Your Typical Invader

UANews | August 6, 2015
For most people, the idea that their brain may be infected with a microscopic parasite isn't cause for celebration. But UA researcher Anita Koshy suspects that the parasite Toxoplasma gondii may have neuroprotective effects.