The University of Arizona

Engineering Discovery Brings Invisibility Closer to Reality

UANews | January 23, 2015
Someone looking at a person wearing a cloak with artificially designed refraction properties would see part or none of the person.

UA Invention Slows Water Evaporation, Generates Energy

UANews | January 22, 2015
Co-developed by the UA's Moe Momayez, product is the result of an effort to find ways to conserve water in mining tailings (remediation) ponds.

Transgenic Crops: Multiple Toxins No Panacea for Pest Control

UANews | January 20, 2015
Overly optimistic assumptions about transgenic crops that produce two or more Bt toxins active against the same pest can lead to inadequate strategies for delaying evolution of pest resistance, UA researchers caution in Nature Biotechnology.

Years Later, HiRISE Camera Confirms the Beagle Has Landed

UANews | January 15, 2015
The long-lost Mars lander Beagle 2 has been discovered in images taken with the UA-led High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Extrasolar Storms: How's the Weather Way Out There?

UANews | January 12, 2015
Like galactic storm chasers, UA astronomers are leading an effort to discover how clouds and weather systems change on other worlds.

A New, Public View of the Sky

UANews | January 7, 2015
UA scientists are providing scientific expertise and crucial technology to the largest project ever undertaken to map the cosmos.