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Pluto Returns to Public Popularity

On Tuesday, NASA's New Horizons mission spacecraft is set to reach Pluto and will send back the first-ever close-up photos of the famous dwarf planet. 

Researchers Probe Contemplative Topics

Measuring 'Hearing Flexibility'

I am fascinated by the act of communicating with speech. 

The Blurred Line Between Borrowing and Copying in Pop Music

Pigeons Present Public Health Concerns

Pigeon playing in Main Gate Fountain.
Gif by Bob Demers/UANews

Spock's Humanity Was Nimoy's Gift

What does it mean to be human? This question has inspired philosophers, artists and scientists for a long, long time.

Leonard Nimoy's death reminds us of his answers to this question through his beloved work on "Star Trek," and beyond.

Navajo Researcher's Work Hits Close to Home

It is a legacy that may be written in the DNA of some of Monica Yellowhair's fellow tribal members: The prevalence of uranium mining in the southwestern U.S. during the Cold War often led to tribal members, their lands and structures being exposed to radiation.

Technology Changes Everything and Nothing

In less than two decades, the Internet and digital content have transformed our lives and how we access information. We crave bandwidth and computer speed and even exponential progress is insufficient to keep up with demand.

Nobel Lesson: Investment Fosters Global Achievement

I learned how to be a neuroscientist from many people, including my post-doctorate mentor John O'Keefe, a professor at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and the Department of Anatomy at University College London.

Introverts and Extroverts: Can We Get Along?

Perhaps you dread being in an elevator and being asked, "So, how about this weather?" Or, maybe you feel naturally inclined to work with groups of people instead of on solo projects.