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People who work overnight have historically been referred to as working the "graveyard shift" but if you ask them about their jobs, you'll hear that the University of Arizona is far from a graveyard at night.

Perhaps it's not obvious to the naked eye, but some places on campus continue to buzz with activity – or quietly hum, since it is nighttime, after all – long after the final classes have been dismissed and professors, office workers and most other employees have gone home.

Students gather to study in the library, where overnight library associates help them find the information they need. Maintenance people attend to overflowing toilets and other building malfunctions. University of Arizona Police Department officers and aides patrol the campus. And if you're used to starting your mornings by hitting up one of the 35 units that Dining Services stocks with coffee and danishes, you can thank the University's two overnight bakers for the freshness – and very existence – of your baked goods

Lo Que Pasa caught up with some of these dedicated night owls while they were on the job to get an idea of what it is they do.

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(Police aides and baker photos by Shelley Shelton/University Communications. Library photos courtesy of Ginger Cullen and Mindy Jones.)