The University of Arizona

Photo Essay: Our Edible Campus

Many of the nearly 8,000 trees on the UA campus produce edible fruit. Linking Edible Arizona Forests on the UA Campus, or UA LEAF, is a grassroots organization dedicated to making this food available to the community. 

All the Way to Africa

A distant capital may host the world's next think tank. It's kind of a surprise because it's in Ethiopia.

New UA Resources Examine Youth Sexual Health

Since 2010, the Crossroads Collaborative has brought together researchers from across disciplines at the UA and within in the community to generate research and writing on youth, sexuality, health and rights, commonly known as YSHR.

Hiring Interns? Top 8 Tips for Companies

Companies relying on student interns must adhere to eight core best practices, incentives and goals, said Eileen McGarry, the executive director of Career Services at the UA.

It's 'Our Voice, Our Vote'

Photo credit: Vox Efx

Why Companies and Schools Must Partner for STEM Education

My passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the STEM fields, began in my youth in Lima, Peru.

The Role of Religion and Secularism in Public, Political Spheres

Consider the emergence and growth of ISIS, clashes in India's Gujarat state and the Supreme Court ruling on Abercrombie & Fitch's "religious bias" over the hijab — all recent headlines conjoining religion and culture.

To-Do List for Visitors During Family Weekend

Photo credit: Patrick McArdle/UANews

Bad Behavior: Personal Choice or Unintended Outcome?

What is the source of bad behavior? I believe the answer lies in the dialogue created at places such as the University of Arizona's Center for Leadership Ethics at the Eller College of Management.

100% Student Engagement Series: Boeing Internship Provides Inside View of Management

The University of Arizona is committed to ensuring that every student integrates and applies learning via internships, jobs, research and other opportunities relevant to the real world. This is the last in a five-part UANews series detailing industry-related experiences UA students have completed.