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Philippines Surgical Medical Mission Includes UA Anesthesiology Team

Photo Essay: UA Training the Next Generation of STEM Specialists

This summer, 45 high school students from Tucson, Tuba City, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Nogales took part in an innovative University of Arizona program called KEYS – Keep Engaging Youth in Science. During the seven-week immersion program, the students served as interns alongside faculty members, postdoctoral students and graduate students in various UA laboratories.

Apollo 11: Remembering One of the Most Important Moments in Human History

This guest column is part of a two-part blog series on UA's involved in the Apollo 11 mission. Also read "Apollo 11: Reaching for the Moon." The package is part of UANews coverage on the UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory's historic involvement with NASA missions.

Camp Ignites STEM-Related Wonder in Middle School Students

"I should be a scientist or something!"

Those are the words 11-year-old Serinah Sanchez exclaimed during the third annual BlastOff! summer science camp at the University of Arizona, right after completing a puzzle. That "aha" moment came after she successfully translated an mRNA code into a message that said, "I'm ready for science." And as members of University of Arizona Biochemistry Club, these are the moments we are trying to create.

Tips for Preventing Wildfires

As people are gearing up for Fourth of July celebrations, and Arizona remembers the Yarnell Hill Fire a year later, it's important to be reminded of the high fire risk throughout much of the state.

How to Make Prickly Pear Pad Tacos

Carolyn Niethammer, a 1966 and 1980 University of Arizona graduate, authored "The Prickly Pear Cookbook" and "Cooking the Wild Southwest," published by the UA Press. Both books offer many recipes for prickly pear fruit.

Photo Essay: Interpreting Sustainability through Art

How do we define and communicate the concept of sustainability?

Organizers of the Arizona Higher Education Sustainability Conference, held at the University of Arizona in April, posed that question to students and employees from colleges and universities throughout Arizona, who responded in the form of artistic works.

Honoring Three Decades of Choral Talent

UA students, employees and alumni have long been involved with the Arizona Repertory Singers.

Strengthening Indigenous Language Education in the Americas

In the Americas, an estimated 243 indigenous languages are still spoken, with 68 being spoken in Mexico alone. 

Applying International Affairs Skills to Everyday Life

The Arizona Model United Nations just held its 52nd annual High School Conference, teaching nearly 200 high school students from the U.S. and Mexico about the importance of collaborating in addressing global challenges. During the event, students were split into groups based on U.N. committees and were asked to solve problems including international cooperation and action in outer space, empowering rural women, and deciding the guidelines surrounding human cloning in the medical field. We invited one organizer and two attendees to share their experiences with the club.