The University of Arizona

100 Years of Sisterhood, Brotherhood

The UA is celebrating 100 years of Greek life on campus, honoring the historic contributions of sorority and fraternity members.

Feeding the Mind, Nurturing the Body and Soul

In addition to focusing on students' academic success, the UA encourages overall wellness.

Grad Student Teaches Linguistics to Teens

UA doctoral candidate Elly Zimmer works to clarify the function and importance of linguistics.

Photo Presents Stunning View of the Lagoon Nebula

An image by UA astrophotographer and astronomy educator Adam Block was named the Astronomy Picture of the Day for July 29.

Researchers Probe Contemplative Topics

A research group launched by UA graduate students supports contemplative science research on campus.

ARS Tribute to Honor Late UA Alumnus

UA alumnus Jeffry Jahn was known for his energy and passion for choral arts, and he inspired a generation of singers and audiences alike.

Nobel Lesson: Investment Fosters Global Achievement

Regents' Professor Carol Barnes reflects on the Nobel Prize-winning career of her mentor, John O'Keefe, and sees similar principles in place at the UA.

Curious About the Mediterranean Diet? Here's the Lowdown

What's with the name? Is it a diet or a dietary pattern? Doesn't matter. It's good for you, and it is believed to reduce risk factors associated with heart disease and certain cancers.

Photo Essay: Our Edible Campus

An olive tree harvest leads to olive oil sales at the UA.

All the Way to Africa

UA faculty member Shahira Fahmy recently returned from a Fulbright specialist mission involving the United Nations.